Hoda Kotb’s Controversial Stance On Snacking Leaves Her Co-Host Reeling In Disgust

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are on different sides of the snacking debate.

The two “Today” co-hosts found themselves at odds on Tuesday while introducing a segment on people implementing snack drawers under their beds for late-night munchies.

“So, a lot of people like to snack in bed,” Kotb said. “I feel you, and I’m with you ― I think it’s a good idea.”

“Disagree!” Hager interjected before Kotb added that “a sleeve of Ritz Crackers is good to have” as she mimed eating her crumbly treat.

“Can you imagine what a sleeve — first of all — of Ritz Crackers does to your sheets?” Hager said in horror as Kotb laughed, saying, “I love Ritz crackers.”

“Hoda, you gotta give up eating in bed,” Hager implored.

“It’s cozy!” Kotb said. “Here, let me show you what you do,” she added as Kotb mimed, brushing the crumbs off her bed.

“So that it’s all over your ground?” Hager said, aghast. “In your New York City apartment where little mice like to come and eat a Ritz Cracker?!”

Kotb ultimately decided against adding a snack drawer to her bedroom for an unexpected reason, which she details below:

HuffPost recently spoke with several registered dietitians about the best foods to snack on when you’re hungry at night, though some of the suggestions are more suited for a refrigerator than a snack drawer.

Nutritionists recommend eating foods like tart cherries, pistachios, cheese and crackers, all of which can contain elements that can help you sleep better at night ― especially sliced turkey breast.

“There is a reason you feel tired after Thanksgiving dinner,” Marissa Meshulam, a registered dietitian, told HuffPost in June. “Turkey is rich in the amino acid L-tryptophan, which is known for encouraging a sleepy, relaxed feeling.”