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Hold the phone (literally): This handy, shelved TP stand is $17 — it's 60% off

Sleek and slim, it's ideal for small b-rooms and stores three extra rolls so your stash will always be ... flush.

Show of hands: How many of us scroll through social media or check emails while sitting on the toilet? I think it's safe to say the vast majority of us. Hey, it's less awkward than holding a newspaper! But where do you put your phone when it's time to wipe? Actually, don't answer that — I promise I (and over 1,000 Amazon shoppers) have found the best solution. The Cicily Toilet Paper Holder not only stores multiple rolls of TP at a time, it also has a handy little ledge to place your phone on while you're finishing up and washing your hands. Sleek and slim at less than six inches wide, it fits into even the smallest spaces, and you can snag it on sale for just $17 (down from $40).

A dedicated b-room phone holder so we don't risk dropping our precious devices into the bowl? You might say we have a flush — er, crush — on this stand. 

$17 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

This is close to as low as this TP holder gets — like, within two bucks — and considering it's nearly 60% off, this is one sale you won't want to "wipe" left on. (Sorry, bad dating app joke.) Plus, the fact that you'll never again realize you're out of rolls after you've already sat down to do your business is pretty priceless.

Why do I need this? 🤔

If you, like myself, are hesitant about buying products with complicated assembly, know that the Cisily Toilet Paper Holder takes just minutes to put together, according to the manufacturer. (Reviewers say it's a snap too.)

Once it's been built, it can store at least three extra rolls of toilet paper on its base so you'll never have to call for your S.O. to bring you some. The small shelf at the top is just the right size for holding your phone, though it's also ideal for wipes, tissues, air fresheners and other small b-room essentials.

Made of sturdy carbon steel, this stand will stay in place thanks to its durable build and non-skid rubber padding underneath (which will also keep it from scratching up your floors). It'll also keep you from causing any damage to your walls, unlike the TP holders that require installation — plus, its minimalist design will look fab in most any bathroom.

The toilet paper stand holding rolls of toilet paper and a box of tissues next to a toilet
You can never have too many spare rolls of toilet paper within arm's reach... (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

The Cisily Toilet Paper Holder is on a "roll" — over 1,400 Amazon customers have given it a perfect rating.

Pros 👍

"We just remodeled our bathroom, and I did not want to risk damaging the new tile on the walls," explained one shopper. "I love that this has a little shelf for a phone or whatever you might not want to risk dropping into the toilet from your back pocket. It is sturdy, compact and practical. I love that I can see how many rolls are available so I never have to run out of toilet paper again!"

"I absolutely love the look and functionality of this," raved another. "It was very easy to put together and looks great in my very small bathroom. ... It has a ledge on the top that says you can use it for cell phones, however I prefer to use it for wipes. Either way, after looking at over 40, this is the one I chose and I am happy with my choice."

"This item looks great in my updated bathroom," a third agreed. "Sturdy, and I get a lot of compliments about this toilet paper holder. The top shelf is really perfect for your cell phone. People even ask for the link!"

Cons 👎

One generally satisfied user warned that the shelf, while useful, is quite small. "It only holds my phone ... so if you were looking for something bigger, you will not like this one," they said, adding, "What I absolutely love about this stand ... is that by building it yourself, you can adjust [the] direction the holder points in. I have my holder perpendicular to the product photo just because of the way it sits in our bathroom."

"Seems sturdy. Was easy to assemble," wrote a final fan. "The location of the holder for the roll is a little low — I'd prefer something taller — but it works."

Think wiping with one hand and holding your phone in the other is a smart idea? Don't be Cisily. 

$17 at Amazon

And to make your bathroom scrolling a little comfier...

When going Number Two feels a little, well, difficult, changing the position of your body can help move things along. The Squatty Potty — a Shark Tank icon — props up your feet in an effort to "unkink" your colon (their words, not mine). This creates an unobstructed path for waste to take, making for more comfortable BMs. 

Check out our full Squatty Potty review for more. 

$25 at Amazon

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