Holly Willoughby kidnap plot suspect swore plan was real, court told

A security guard accused of a plot to kidnap, rape and murder Holly Willoughby went to "great lengths" to suggest to others his plans were not mere fantasy, a court has heard.

Jurors at Chelmsford Crown Court heard on Monday that Gavin Plumb's sexual motive was clear in his "appalling messages" to people online.

Prosecuting, Alison Morgan KC said Plumb, 37, who went by the username Big Bear online, swore "it's really happening" when an undercover police officer sent an image of a flight booking.

"These, members of the jury, were the defendant's words when he realised that another person, who he believed to be called David Nelson, was genuinely prepared to join him in his plan to attack Holly Willoughby," she said in closing remarks.

'It's really happening'

"When he believed that David Nelson had just booked a flight to travel from the US... to join in that attack - 'it's really happening'.

"He didn't say: 'Don't do that, I was just kidding.' He didn't say: 'This is just fantasy, you haven't bought a flight, have you?'

"He didn't say: 'I don't really trust you because the name on your flight booking doesn't match with your username'."

Ms Morgan also referred to Plumb's previous convictions, which she argued showed he had a "tendency" to commit acts to control and terrify women.

He is a man who has "done this for real", she told jurors.

"He has terrified, subdued, threatened and detained real women against their will," she said.

"He has carried weapons for that purpose. He has carried ropes for that purpose.

"Real people exist in the world now who were threatened and touched by this man and he was looking... to learn how to avoid those mistakes again.

"Looking to make sure that he didn't fall into the errors that led to women being able to get away from him."

Boring detail is the giveaway

The "boring detail" in Plumb's messages is "what tells you it's real", she added.

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Ms Morgan gave an example of Plumb writing, "He can't get time off until early February so when he gets them off we can get them off as well".

The prosecutor said: "What's sexually gratifying about booking dates and times off work?"

Plumb, of Harlow in Essex, denies soliciting murder, incitement to rape and incitement to kidnap.

The trial continues.