Home and Away fans slam major storyline: 'This is just crazy'

As Bronte continues to scam Summer Bay, Home and Away fans are disappointed with a glaring plot-hole.

New Home and Away character Bronte is not all she seems to be. Photo: Seven
New Home and Away character Bronte is not all she seems to be. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans have been left scratching their heads over a puzzling storyline playing out on the show, with newcomer Bronte faking a mystery illness that has her scamming money from the kind-hearted people of Summer Bay. Except the catch? Fans aren't exactly sure why no one, minus Dana, is questioning Bronte's supposed medical condition and just handing their money over without a single thought.

Fans had previously complained about the storyline, after Bronte arrived in the Bay after meeting Irene in hospital, and started staying with her as she tries to get her health back on track. Except, Bronte isn't actually ill and has been telling Irene and the other Summer Bay residents that she's dying from a rare disease of some sort and needs money for treatment overseas.

Later on the phone, viewers see Bronte telling someone on the phone that Irene is a "total pushover" citing that she has her own house and business. Then Bronte decided to sue the diner, and now things have escalated further with Bronte trying to scam Irene and other innocent Summer Bay residents out of money.

Home and Away's Bronte and Irene. Photo: Seven
Home and Away's Bronte and Irene. Photo: Seven


Home and Away fans are now questioning why Dana is the only character suss on Bronte, given people like Xander, who used to be a paramedic, are defending the newcomer and her antics as well as giving her money to help her fight her mystery illness.

"Why has nobody asked Bronte what's wrong with her and what the medical condition is called?" one person pointed out. "Nobody has asked what hospital she going to get this help?"

"I thought when you open up a money page you had to say why you are appealing for money ie medical condition etc," another said.

Dana Home and Away
Dana has been the only one suspicious of Bronte on Home and Away, leading to Bronte kidnapping her. Photo: Seven


"Why would you give Bronte all that money not knowing what her so-called illness with no evidence plus they don't know her that well," another fan complained. "It's not like she's related, this is just crazy."

Others turned on the Home and Away scriptwriters. "Such poor script-writing. Anyone who wanted to donate such large sums of money would surely ask for information about which doctor diagnosed her, the name of the trial she wanted to enrol in and the name of the hospital in Canada, before agreeing to help," one person said. "No one has thought to run these checks, either Dana or those just blindly believing Bronte because she said so! So frustrating to watch this dumb storyline."

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