Home and Away spoiler: Major update for much-loved character

After some drama in the Bay, things seem to be getting back on track for Cash Newman.

Home and Away's Eden, Cash and Felicity
Home and Away's Eden, Cash and Felicity. Photo: Seven

There looks to be a major development for one beloved Home and Away character, as they were spotted filming scenes earlier this week, returning to their roots after some time off from their job and several chaotic life events.

Warning: this post contains Home and Away spoilers! Read on if you dare...

In a post uploaded to a Home and Away fan group, it was revealed Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is back working as a Summer Bay cop. "Filming Yesterday - Monday 17/06/24. Cash is back in the police force working as a cop again," the post read, alongside photos of Cash decked out in his uniform.

Cash arrived in Summer Bay as a senior constable, and has pretty much gone through it all: having to arrest his sister, shooting someone, also being shot, saving people from cults, dealing with corrupt cops... the list goes on. In recent times, Cash was suspended pending investigation after dealing with a corrupt police force member, and then started working as actor Stevie Marlow's bodyguard before Stevie was shot by her stalker and died. RIP!

Cash and Stevie on Home and Away
Cash was most recently working as Stevie's bodyguard. Photo: Seven

Now it looks Cash has managed to put his past traumas behind him and don the uniform again, and fans are pretty happy to see him back in the force. After all, Summer Bay does seem to attract a lot of crime.


"Cash only has one stripe on his new uniform…. Before he wore two. I wonder if Rose will be his boss?" one fan speculated. "Rose too busy swigging coffee all day to even notice," one person joked back.

"And Eden still unemployed lol!!!" another person joked, with many fans often making fun of Cash's girlfriend Eden who never seems to be working. "He didn’t want to go back in the police force, but who else is going to pay for all of Eden’s freebies," another said.

Cash back in police uniform Home and Away
Cash is back keeping Summer Bay safe and caffeinated. Photo: Facebook.com

Others were thirsty at the thought of the hot cop back in uniform. "Cash looks so fine in a uniform," one person commented, "Hell, he could arrest me lol even if his playing a character lol," with another agreeing, "He sure does!"


"About time we see Cash in uniform, he’s best suited to that role," someone else said. "Oh la la... Cash is back in uniform... yeeessss.. love it.." another thirsty fan said.

The scenes with Cash back in the cop shop are only being shot now, so it may be another few months before we see him grace our screens as a police officer again.

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