An Honest Review Of The Viral Low-Sugar Cookies, Joydays

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joydays cookie review
Are Joydays' Low-Sugar Cookies Actually Good?Joydays - Hearst Owned

Cookies are a timeless treat. Nestle's iconic chocolate chip cookies have been a sweet staple for 85 years now. But for people with conditions related to blood-sugar imbalances like diabetes and prediabetes, indulging in these sugary treats isn't always a safe option. Enter: Joydays, the burgeoning brand focused on making low-glycemic cookies that don't skimp on flavor.

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Joydays was founded by Amy Cohn, whose own battle with colon cancer caused her to seek out healthier dessert options. The brand worked with top dietitians, endocrinologists, and R&D food scientists to formulate its lineup. They carry three flavors—chocolate chip, double chocolate and peanut butter—and each cookie contains just three grams of sugar and five grams of fiber. Per the brand's site,"these unique snacks offer a perfect combination of carbs, fiber, protein, healthy fats and sugar to help prevent unwanted blood sugar spikes and dips."

As such, the brand says these cookies are also great for anyone desiring a guilt-free treat. After all, even if aren't someone who has to monitor their blood-sugar levels regularly, minimizing your sugar intake is still key to staying healthy. According to Harvard Health, low-glycemic diets help people avoid diabetes as well as "cancer, heart disease and other conditions." Abnormal blood glucose levels can also increase your risk of Alzheimer's and dementia, scientists have found.

All that said, can Joydays actually satisfy a sweet tooth? The short answer, in my opinion, is yes. As someone who loves (and can safely eat) full-sugar chocolate chip cookies, I would never mistake Joyday cookies for the real thing. I'll still choose traditional chocolate chip cookies over this substitution when I'm having a craving. But for people who crave sugar and don't have the option to indulge, Joydays are a great stand-in. After trying both the chocolate chip and double chocolate chip options, I found each cookie to be slightly sweet and noticeably chocolate-y. They're also individually wrapped so they remain fresh and soft—exactly the way you'd want them to be.

If you're like me and aren't a total covert, I'd suggest using Joydays as a sweet, healthy snack on the go. With a similar amount of fiber, sugar, and calories as a Fiber One cookie, Joydays' treats are ideal for fueling up mid-hike or enjoying with your coffee as a morning pick-me-up.


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