Horror moment mascot accidentally shoots himself in the groin

A big part of the Colorado football team went down with an injury during the Buffs’ 45-14 win over New Hampshire on the weekend.

But it wasn’t a player or a coach.

It was this fella:

Mascot Chip of the Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images)

Yep, Chip the Buffalo was injured during the game.

All he was trying to do was provide some souvenirs for the CU faithful.

Instead, he shot himself with a T-shirt gun in an area where you — human or buffalo — do not want to be shot.

Yikes! Image: Twitter

It wasn’t an injury Chip could easily shake off, either.

Like for a seriously injured player, Chip needed medical attention, and the cart came out.

But Chip is a mascot of the people. He assured the crowd that he would be just fine by waving to the crowd at Folsom Field.

After the game, Chip made it known that he is doing just fine.

The Buffs have a bye this coming weekend, so Chip has plenty of time to rest — and learn proper T-shirt gun protocols.

Sam Cooper – Yahoo Sports