Hotel workers reveal most outrageous demands ever

Allison Yee

We’ve all heard the saying ‘only in New York’, and that phrase most definitely applies when it comes to hotel guests and their crazy demands in one of the world’s buzziest cities.

Website Thrillist has delved behind the concierge’s desk to uncover some of the weird and downright wacky requests fired off at hotel staff.

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Considering they’re the staffers at some of the ritziest places in the Big Apple, no doubt they’ve been taught not to blink an eyelid no matter what the guest requests.

But it’d be hard to keep a straight face with some of these demands.

“One guest requested two dozen live tarantulas for a special dinner,” reveals on employee at The Plaza, Midtown.

Hotel staffers reveal the guest is always catered for, no matter how bizarre the request. Photo: Getty

“[We] also had guests who wanted to re-live the night they met, which down to the detail included a scuba diver they’d seen in the river and a helicopter in the sky.”

It seems the richer the guest, the more extravagant their needs, too.

“We had a Middle Eastern Princess pay $1,400 to have someone wait in line for hours to get an order of Cronuts, from Dominique Ansel Bakery,” Arik Kislin, co-owner of the Gansevoort Hotel Group told Thrillist.

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“A guest requested a saxophonist to serenade his girlfriend, as he proposed in Central Park and another guest requested access to a nightclub, arranged accompaniment of ladies, and a photographer to stage a photo op for himself.”

From bizarre meals to OTT date nights, no ask goes unanswered. Photo: Getty

It’s not all glitz and glam when it comes to upmarket hotels either.

“Sit in a hotel bar late at night and just people watch. You can pick [sex workers] out so easily, and they go to everyone - guests, employees,” reveals an ex-employee at a luxe Midtown hotel.

“There was once this transgender prostitute who got in a big fight with security for trying to solicit services to the guests at our bar. The funniest part about it was that on the way out, when security was forcibly pushing her out the door, her boob fell out of her very low cut tank top - but like, good for her! It was a nice boob.”

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