How often should 'happy' couples have sex? Survey reveals surprising results

A survey has pin pointed just how many times you should be having sex if you want to stay together with your partner.

When it comes to maintaining a long-lasting, happy relationship, how often should couples be heading to the bedroom for 'special cuddles'?

A recent survey of 2,000 British couples in content, long-term partnerships sheds light on the age-old question of how much sex you should be having for a successful relationship.

Couple spooning in bed.
A UK survey has revealed how often happy couples are intimate. Photo: Getty

According to the Daily Mail, the survey was Conducted by UK streaming service ITVX ahead of the premiere of new drama Love & Death. It delved into the essential factors contributing to long lasting love connections. The couples, who had celebrated a decade or more together, disclosed that they engaged in intimacy an average of seven times per month.


While this magic number seemed to play a role in building successful relationships, it wasn't the sole defining factor. Most participants emphasised the importance of "having fun together" as the crucial ingredient that had kept them together for over a decade. Other elements such as "compromise," "openness," and "shared humour" were deemed more pivotal to a successful partnership than time spent in the bedroom.

Surprisingly, despite the importance of regular intimacy for many respondents, five percent of the surveyed couples admitted to sleeping in separate bedrooms.

On the topic of infidelity, 20 percent of those surveyed confessed to having cheated on their partners. Strikingly, 58 percent of those infidelities were discovered, but a significant number of couples managed to mend their relationships following these breaches of trust.

In a twist, 85 percent of the surveyed couples revealed that they had successfully stayed together after infidelity, with 38 percent even asserting that the affair ultimately strengthened their bond.

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