‘Human Barbie’ mum’s before photos revealed

Allison Yee

From a fresh-faced brunette to a mum-of-five who’s undergone over half a million dollars worth of surgery, Nanette Hammond has revealed the full transformation she’s undergone to achieve to look like Barbie.

The US social media star shot to fame after opening up on her quest to look like Barbie, with a plastic surgery list that includes three breast enhancements, Botox, lip fillers, a boob lift and daily tanning sessions.

Currently boasting nearly 74,000 followers on Instagram, Nanette is more than happy to share snaps from before she went under the knife.

Nanette's before pics show how far she's come in her quest to look like Barbie. Photo: Instagram

For Nanette, who revealed she’s the new cover girl of Swedish Playboy, her transformation over the years is something she’s proud of.

“My husband Dave and my children are just so proud of me and what I've achieved through surgery,” she’s told the Daily Mail in the past.

Nanette is the new Playboy Sweden covergirl. Photo: Instagram
Nanette has spent half a million dollars on her Barbie transformation. Photo: Instagram
The Barbie-obsessed mum even has a car like her idol's. Photo: Instagram

The 42-year-old readily admits her children often take her revealing snaps, with her family supporting her through her transformation.

“They think I look great - my life is better than Barbie's now.”

Nanette’s obsession with Barbie started when she was young, with the Ohio local deciding to change her appearance to follow in the doll’s footsteps to boost her self-confidence.

Nanette has gone under endless surgeries and has a dedicated grooming regime. Photo: Instagram

That included having her first boob job when she was 21, having two more surgeries until she achieved her 28H bust at the age of 38.

Despite other mums talking and gossiping about her behind her back, Nanette says she doesn't care what people think and is going to keep up with her Barbie quest until she's 70.

The mum-of-five says she has the full support of her husband Dave and their kids. Photo: Instagram

"The healthiest relationships are those where you're a team," Nanette wrote on Instagram. Where you protect each other and stand up for one another. I'm so blessed to have that."

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