'Humble trifle' wins Platinum Jubilee pudding contest

STORY: This lemon trifle won the Platinum Jubilee pudding contest

Amateur baker Jemma Melvin created the dessert

(SOUNDBITE) (English) WINNER OF THE QUEEN'S PLATINUM JUBILEE PUDDING COMPETITION, JEMMA MELVIN, SAYING: "It's a lemon and swiss roll amaretti trifle. We've got lemon curd swiss roll at the bottom, st. clements jelly, so orange and lemon jelly, lemon custard, mandarin coulis made with tinned mandarins, amaretti biscuits in between there, fresh cream. Then I've done jewelled chocolate bark on the top just to give it a little."

Some 5,000 people entered the nationwide competition

to craft a new pudding to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign

"So, it's a tribute to three women. It's a tribute to my Gran, my Nan, and the Queen herself. My Gran taught me to bake, my Nan's signature dish was a trifle and the Queen had lemon posset at her wedding. So, we put it all together like that."

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