Hungary's Orban moves to form new alliance with Austrian and Czech nationalist parties

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced he wanted to form a new alliance with Austria’s far-right Freedom Party and the main Czech opposition party. The trio is looking to attract political partners from other EU countries to successfully form a group in the new European parliament.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday presented a new alliance with Austria's far-right Freedom Party and the main Czech opposition party, which hopes to attract other partners and become the biggest right-wing group in the European Parliament.

Orban traveled to Vienna to present the “Patriots for Europe” alliance of his Fidesz party with the Freedom Party and former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis's ANO party, a day before Hungary takes over the European Union’s rotating presidency for six months.

The European Parliament elections in early June strengthened hard-right parties overall, though their performances varied from country to country, but left unclear to what extent they would manage to work together. Until now, they have been spread across two groups in the EU legislature, plus a large number of unaligned parties.

“What Europeans want is three things: peace, order and development,” Orban said through an interpreter at Sunday's event. “And what they are getting from the elite in Brussels today is war, migration and stagnation.”


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