Hunt's explosive tirade against White, UFC

Aussie-based heavyweight Mark Hunt has absolutely slammed Dana White and the UFC after he was forced to withdraw from UFC Fight Night Sydney.

In an explosive Instagram post, Hunt took aim at UFC president White after the fight company took drastic action against the heavyweight fighter due to revelations he's suffering severe health concerns from fighting.

Hunt's furious social media post is certainly not safe for web, but you can check it out on his Instagram feed.

The caption also threatens litigation against the fight company.

Hunt's angry post. Pic: Instagram

Hunt also went to town on White and the UFC in a Facebook post, saying their decision to remove him from the upcoming fight was due to his legal action against the company.

"I'm disappointed that I have been withdrawn from the fight, I have passed all medicals 2 days ago. And spent 100,000 on camp," he wrote.

"The truth is the legal case I have filed has caused me to be withdrawn. The interview has been taken out of context and want to reassure all my fans, I slur my words only when I have a drink I'm fit and healthy, and would have understood if the UFC requested a medical to ensure my safety.

"However this is total bulls**t f*** you Dana, you've always hated me you dog."

Dana White is in Hunt's crosshairs. Pic: Getty

Earlier on Wednesday, Hunt was forced to withdraw from UFC Sydney after his disturbing revelations in a recent article.

The 'Super Samoan' revealed in a first-hand article for Player's Voice that he's been slurring his words and struggling to remember things he did the day before.

"I will probably end my life fighting," the 43-year-old wrote.

"My body is f ... ed but my mind is still here. I’ve still got my senses about me and I know what’s right and wrong, which is the main thing.

Hunt had some disturbing revelations. Pic: Getty

"Sometimes I don’t sleep well. You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words. My memory is not that good anymore.

"I’ll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the shit I did years and years ago. That’s just the price I’ve paid — the price of being a fighter.

"But I’ve fought a lot of drug cheats and copped a lot of punishment from guys who were cheating and that’s not right."

Having become aware of these health concerns, the UFC have now forced the popular fighter to withdraw from his scheduled bout with Marcin Tybura, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The UFC will require Hunt to undergo further testing before he is allowed to compete again.

"Following a recent first-person article published by heavyweight Mark Hunt, the UFC has taken the precautionary steps of removing Hunt from a previously announced bout in Sydney, Australia," a UFC offical said.

"The health-related statements made by Hunt in the article represent the first time UFC was made aware of these claims.

"Athlete health and safety is of the utmost importance to the organisation and it would never knowingly schedule an athlete complaining of health issues for a fight. The organisation will require that Hunt undergo further testing and evaluations prior to competing in any future UFC bout."

Hunt is currently in legal proceedings with the UFC, attempting to secure funds following controversial losses to fighters who have later been found guilty of doping.