Husband’s genius cleaning hack leaves wife in stitches

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Melanie and her husband Tim. Photo: Facebook/ Melanie Smiley.

Many of us might think that power tools have no place when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, but not Melanie Smiley’s husband Tim.

When tasked with cleaning the shower grout, quick-thinking Tim reached for his electric drill and an old toothbrush.

Inspired by a drill attachment he already had, he then snapped off the head of the toothbrush, screwed a screw through it, and attached it to the drill bit. Et voilà, the clever hubby had built himself a super-charged electric scrubbing brush.

While Melanie’s husband is known for his creativity, she admits she wasn’t quite on board to begin with. “At first I was shocked and my first thought was to yell at him,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Then [I] saw it in action! Wow,” she added.

Melanie's hubby shows off the toothbrush head before attaching it to his drill. Photo: Facebook/Melanie Smiley.

She was so impressed with her man’s homemade scrubber - and the squeaky clean grout it achieved - Melanie captured it all on camera and shared it in the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean.

Her fellow members were just as amazed and inspired.

“I may just borrow hubby’s drill tomorrow,” wrote one.

“Awesome I'll have to share this with my hubby,” said another.

Blokes, best get your drills and toothbrushes at the ready.

The creative hubby hard at work with his toothbrush power drill invention. Photo: Facebook/ Melanie Smiley.

One commenter wished she’d seen the hack sooner.

“I wish I'd seen this genius before scrubbing my grout throughout my house” she wrote.

Melanie couldn’t help but feel the same, telling us that her hubby’s brainwave should’ve come before she spent three whole days tackling the entire kitchen floor on her hands and knees.

The handy hubby himself is reportedly enjoying all the praise and attention coming his way.

“I’ve shown hubby all your messages and he is proud of himself lol,” Melanie shared on Facebook.

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