Ian 'H' Watkins feels guilty touring without sons

Ian ‘H’ Watkins constantly feels guilty when he's on tour without his sons.
The Steps singer - who has six-year-old twins Macsen and Cybi with former partner Craig Ryder - loves being on the road with the band but feels bad that he can't take the kids with him any more because they need to be at school.
He said: "Although my Instagram and social channels will often show me having a great time on tour (which I am!) I can’t help but struggle with the guilt that the boys aren’t there with me, now they’re both at school. Oh, the joys of parental guilt!"
The 'Better Best Forgotten' hitmaker admitted having twins is "absolutely exhausting" and thinks only parents who had multiples can truly understand the struggles.
He admitted in Play-Doh's new book 'Notes on Messy Parenting': "Being a twin parent is like nothing else. And no, it is not the same as having children close together, thank you very much! This is a whole different ball game; it’s messy, it’s fun, it’s hilarious but WOW…. It’s absolutely exhausting."
The pre-school brand have launched their first-ever book in response to research which showed parents feel more pressure than ever to be 'perfect', with social media the main cuplrit.
The tome features candid stories and admissions from the likes of Fearne McCann, Vogue Williams and Ade Adepitan.
As part of its wider Parenting is Messy campaign, Play-Doh will also be hosting the House of Messy Parenting - a one-off, free event in London, which will allow kids to get creative with some messy play.
All attendees will go home from the event, which takes place on 1 October, with a copy of 'Notes on Messy Parenting', as well as Play-Doh products.
The brand is also encouraging parents across the UK to submit their own messy parenting stories and hang-ups online, in exchange for prizes for both kids and adults. This can be done via the campaign website - where parents can see their guilt virtually shred away - or by using the #PlayDohMessyParenting hashtag across social media.
To book free tickets to House of Messy Parenting, head to www.playdohmessyparenting.com