Idris Elba will relax on his 50th birthday

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Idris Elba is planning to relax for his 50th birthday.
The 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' actor celebrates the milestone birthday on Tuesday (06.09.22) but is simply planning a "chilled dinner" with family and friends to mark the big day.
Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Idris said: "I am opting for a chilled dinner with family and friends. Is that boring?
"I feel good. I am excited to turn 50. But I cannot even say the word 50. It is like 'What? I am old!'. That is me - on my way. I feel 50. I wake up in the morning and I am aching and s***.
"The last few years I have realised how precious life is - so I just want to live. I am really just thankful to make it."
The 'Luther' star continued: "I am going to relax. I have had big parties and this time I want to soak it up in a chilled environment.
"My wife threw a massive birthday party for me (last year), so this year I will chill. I do a lot of partying, so maybe I will chill."
Idris divides his time between acting and DJing and he says people are often surprised by how hard he works.
He explained: "It probably looks more insane than it is, but my manager Katie would say, 'You're not human. How do you split yourself up?'
"I'm a workaholic. I love working. I'm really fortunate that my day job allows me to do big films, and do car commercials and whatever, but at the same time, my passion in life is music and DJing, I work hard at it. I don't slack.
"To get credibility, you have to put the hours in, especially if people know you for one thing."