Idris Elba showers 'twice a day sometimes'

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Idris Elba showers "twice a day sometimes".
The 'Luther' actor has revealed he likes to keep fresh and clean 24/7 and is anal about keeping his facial hair in shape.
In a joint interview with his wife Sabrina - with whom he launched the skincare brand S'Able Labs in 2020 - for Allure, he spilled: "I will shave! I'm the guy who gets new growth by five o'clock in the afternoon, so I keep on top of it. And I shower every day, sometimes twice a day. I just got a fresh haircut and, honestly, my energy levels feel different. My clothes feel different."
The 49-year-old star feels great after a haircut and swims early in the morning to awaken his vigor.
Idris added: "A haircut does that for me. I've gotta make sure the hair looks right. Buying new sneakers definitely makes me feel good. There's something about stepping in fresh shoes. And I started swimming early in the morning. It feels so alien to jump into cold water, but it’s invigorating."
The 'Molly's Game' star also loves a spot of hot yoga in a hot country.
He said: "Also, hot yoga in a hot climate is different. It's not hot yoga, it's just yoga. Something about the elements being natural rather than having a heater ... Everyone's sweating. But it's the fact you’re warm and supple, and the environment is great."
And Idris, who is also a DJ away from acting, and his wife's self-care routine includes music and doing their skincare.
He said: "We're a partnership, and skincare is something we can share. We are both on the same page about feeling good externally and it helps us approach our day."

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