Iggy Azalea: I'm sexy and smart

Iggy Azalea is sick of people thinking she's dumb just because she's proud to embrace her sexuality.

The 28-year-old rapper says she is judged all the time for her racier social media posts, which include bikini shots and hot images from her photo shoots, with trolls comparing her to a porn star or assuming she is stupid but she knows she is both smart and sexy.

Speaking to radio station Hits 97.3, she said: "I find so many people still don't understand what I'm trying to do as a woman in 2018, especially with like little simple things like Instagram [and people saying] 'well you can't show your boobs' or 'you may as well do porn' and it's like, well just because I'm comfortable with my sexuality doesn't mean I'm not smart."

The 'Fancy' hitmaker also insists it's time for old stereotypes of how women view sex to end because ladies can also have as strong erotic urges the same as men.

She said: "We should feel more liberated about women's ideas of how we sexually identify or what that means for us. I'm just so sick of hearing men say 'Well you know men like to just go and have sex just for the fun of sex but women don't unless they really love you."

The blonde beauty admits she has event lost herself in an attempt to fit into society's ideas of femininity.

Iggy - who was previously engaged to NBA player Nick Young - shared: "I was in a relationship for years and my ex he never said 'don't do this' or 'don't post that picture' or 'don't rap about this' but I think I, especially as a younger woman then, I thought I had a duty to not do those things in order to be good ... to be society's version of a good woman.

The Australian-born musician has just released her long-awaited new EP 'Survive the Summer' and she made it her goal to be provocative about her sexuality on the tracks.

She shared: "Why do we feel like we have to have this masked fake PC version of ourselves that makes us good for men like it's bulls**t so when I made the EP I was like I'm just gonna talk about my vagina on every song somehow someway because, you know, just f**k it."