I'm a woman on a mission, says Ciara

Ciara feels like a "woman of ambition on a mission".
The 36-year-old singer is launching her own skin-care line called On A Mission, and despite everything she's already achieved in the music business, Ciara remains as ambitious as ever.
She shared: "I had a vision for things that were important to me to check off on my dream list of things to accomplish. This was one of them."
Ciara burst on the music scene as a teenager and she's subsequently enjoyed significant success in other fields, including writing a book, launching a fragrance and even creating her own rum company.
The '1, 2 Step' hitmaker told Allure: "I feel kind of funny going on about the list of things I'm doing. But it all goes to the power of believing in yourself. I always say I'm a woman of ambition on a mission."
Ciara has also become more health-conscious in recent years.
She said: "I want for this engine to run smoothly. I want to live the healthiest, full-rounded life that I can possibly live."
Despite her ambitions, Ciara is determined to take care of herself and to love who she is "at the core".
The singer - who has Future, eight, with rapper Future, as well as Sienna, five, and Win, two, with husband Russell Wilson - explained: "I used to think I was my most beautiful self with all the make-up on. But that's not real.
"That's not how to live … While being on a mission to do so many things that I want to do, it's important to me that I'm loving who I am at the core and loving myself when there's not a whole lot going on."