Why this heartwarming photo has sent UFC fans wild

A photo of two UFC fighters sharing a moment in hospital has taken the MMA world by storm after it quickly went viral.

The fighters-in-question are Yai Rodriguez and Chan Sung Jung, who just on Sunday were involved in what has been called the ‘greatest clutch knockout in fighting history’.

With just one second left in the fight and facing a loss based on points, Mexican Yair Rodriguez rose to immediate martial arts fame.

Rodriguez pulled off an unbelievable elbow ‘from down under’ to sensationally knock his opponent out cold.

Chan Sung Jung and Yai Rodriguez share a photo of themselves i hospital after an incredible UFC fight. Pic: Dana White

Rodriguez ducked to avoid the incoming attack and out of nowhere threw up his elbow, making perfect contact to the jaw of Chan Sung Jung.

On Monday, the pair were together in hospital battered and bruised while they shook hands – an awesome show of sportsmanship.

UFC president Dana White posted the photo on social media, and within two hours it had over 150,000 likes:

“So awesome – if you missed the fight last night between Yai Rodriguez and Chan Sung Jung, you missed one of the sickest fights ever,” White wrote.

Rodriguez throws up the elbow to KO the Korean Zombie. Pic: UFC on Fox

“Unf***ingbelievable ending ever! So much respect for these two guys.”

Users on social media were quick to heap their praise on two fighters after seeing the photo:

“Right up there for fight of the year amazing competitive fight with so much respect between fighters,” one user wrote.

“This is what being a competitor is all about Dana, you fight in a proper controlled environment and see which athlete is superior in that encounter,” another commented.

Fighters, experts and pundits absolutely lost their mind in the dying moments of the UFC Fight Night 139 in Denver:

Rodriguez was clearly exhausted after the bout, but did say he wanted a shot at a title soon.

“I know the title shot is gonna be there eventually,” Rodriguez said.

“The only thing I care about is being happy every moment I have. Being able to do what I love in the biggest company in the world is something I appreciate.”