'Infected with Putin virus' and Starmer growth plan 'doomed'

Observer headline: "Starmer’s growth plan ‘doomed’ without access to EU markets"
Daily Mail headline: "Zelensky: Farage is infected with  ‘virus of Putin'"
Sunday Telegraph headline: "Handouts lack the  dignity of  wages, says  Starmer"
Daily Mirror headline: "The Rishi get Richer".
Sunday Express headline: "LABOUR’S £2BN BLACK HOLE"
Conservative officials have claimed Labour will introduce a "special budget" with £2 billion in tax rises within weeks of an election victory, according to the Sunday Express's splash. The paper says the money raised from Labour's planned tax rises, like VAT on school fees, will not be enough to cover the party's spending plans. [BBC]
Sunday People headline: "Girl, 6, survives horrific ‘XL bully’ pack attack"
The Sunday People carries the story of a six-year-old girl who survived a "horrific" XL Bully attack. It says Amelia Bird sustained 30 separate injures after being mauled by a "pack" of the dogs, quoting her mum Jade saying: “I thought she was dead. Chunks of her flesh had gone.” [BBC]
Daily Star headline: "E.T RAGE ATTHE HENGE TARQUINS"

The controversy around Nigel Farage's claim that the West provoked Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine leads several papers.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, the Reform UK leader has responded to the backlash generated his remarks, saying he is not and has never been an "apologist or supporter of Putin". He goes on to write that he has been warning for 10 years that the West has played into President Vladimir Putin's hands "giving him an excuse to do what he wanted to do anyway".

The Mail on Sunday front page carries reaction from Ukraine's government to Mr Farage's initial comments. It says sources close to President Volodymyr Zelensky have accused him of being infected by the "virus of Putinism". The paper also names several Reform candidates whom it says have previously "expressed sympathies" for the Russian leader.

The Sunday Express says the Conservatives are warning that Labour would hold a "special budget" within weeks of winning an election, to fill a £2 billion black hole in their spending plans. Labour has dismissed the analysis as "desperate nonsense".

"Starmer's growth plan 'doomed' without access to EU markets" is the headline on the front page of the Observer. The paper has spoken to economists who say a Labour government would fail to maximise growth, unless it took the UK back into the EU's single market and customs union. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is quoted as saying he would not rejoin either.

The Sunday People's front page carries a picture of a young girl smiling after recovering from a "horrific mauling by a pack of XL Bullies". The paper says Amelia Bird was six years old when she was attacked by the dogs while playing in the street. It adds that she needed plastic surgery after suffering 30 injuries.

Several of the front pages feature a backstage picture of Taylor Swift taking a selfie with the Prince of Wales and his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

"Heir's a quick selfie with the Queen of Pop" says the Sunday Express.

"Taylor-made selfie for the royal Swifties" is the Mail's take, while the Sun on Sunday goes with "she's pop royal TAY".

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