Influencer busted after committing ultimate Instagram faux pas

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Ruby Tuesday Matthews, an Australian influencer with nearly 250,000 followers, has committed the ultimate social media faux pas after accidentally sharing a photo showing she asked herself questions in an Instagram Q+A.

The gaffe was caught by Celeb Spellcheck, an influencer watchdog account, with the caption, "We all knew influencers did this 😂."

Ruby Tuesday Matthews
Ruby Tuesday Matthews has been busted sending questions to herself for an Instagram Q+A, accidentally sharing the proof herself. Photo: Instagram/RubyTuesdayMatthews

The post showed Ruby had accidentally revealed her username among the questions she received, revealing she had asked herself at least two questions.

Both the questions seemed to be set-ups for her to plug electronics brands and furniture.

One question Ruby asked herself was: "[What is your] preferred brand of electronics that you have purchased for the new pad? How do you decide?"


To answer the question, she promoted a brand of fridge saying, "They legit... and get the best ratings."

Many Celeb Spellcheck followers thought it was hilarious, with influencer Josh Carroll writing, "What exactly does this do? Is it to try and get freebies in the future from the brands she’s tagged? Why ask yourself questions and then say ‘glad you asked’??? I’m perplexed."

Ruby Tuesday asked herself a question
A photo Ruby uploaded proved she had asked herself question. Photo: Instagram/RubyTuesdayMatthews via CelebSpellcheck
Ruby Tuesday Matthews answers her own question
Ruby answered her own question writing, "Funny you asked this!" Photo: Instagram/RubyTuesdayMatthews

"The ‘funny you asked this!’ 😂," another follower wrote.

"Maybe if I use lower case to start the sentence and a space between the question mark, it will look legit," a third joked.

"It’s so obvious when they do this because the questions are so specific," a fourth said.

After seeing Celeb Spellcheck's post, Ruby denied she was paid to endorse a specific brand or product.

"FYI the brands I tagged in my Q&A were already items I purchased for full price," she said.

She then shared a receipt that she claimed was for the products and added that she accepts "full responsibility" for asking herself the question saying, "I often summarise and correct questions asked."

It comes as Ruby and her fiancé Shannan Dodd bought a new home together which they will be renovating after their wedding.

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