Influencer claims she's won the lottery over 50 times

The reality TV star said she realised she had a knack for winning when she was a child.

A social media influencer claims she has won the lottery over 50 times – with her latest ticket coming in at nearly $1 million.

Following her latest win last weekend, Paulinha Leite has boasted that she cannot stop scooping jackpots.

"I went to sleep thinking I was a millionaire and woke up knowing for sure," she said online. "Suck it world, I won again."

Paulinha Leite with her recent winning lottery ticket and in a bikini at the beach.
Paulinha Leite claims she has won the lottery more than 50 times. Source: Jam Press

Paulinha, who appeared on the reality show Big Brother Brasil, said she won the country’s Lotofácil da Independência over the weekend. She claimed her latest win was close to BRL 3 million (A$1,000,000).

The influencer said she will share the money with around 40 colleagues at the specialised betting company she owns called Unindo Sonhos. Each pool member will take home BRL 74,547 (A$23,000).

"I didn't win it alone, but also in my company Unindo Sonhos where 40 people paid for a ticket of BRL 8," Paulinha said.

"How delicious, when I say I'm accurate, I am! Just a warning: Mega da Virada (lottery draw), we are coming. I'm going to win again, you can write it down."

'I always won'

Paulinha previously said that she realised she had a knack of winning sweepstakes when she was a young girl.

"All the draws, everything that involved luck, I always won. That's been the case since I was little," she said. "That's where the family's internal joke came from: Paulinha was born 'facing the Moon'."

The reality TV star, who has 768,000 Instagram followers, found fame on the 11th edition of Big Brother Brasil. She wasn't named a series winner but did take home an apartment, a motorcycle, and other prizes on the reality show.

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