Influencers make an astonishing £12 million in THREE DAYS at UK’s first Playboy Mansion-style content house

One of Britain’s leading influencer managers has made a group of his clients a staggering £12 million in three days by recreating the Playboy Mansion as a “content house”.
Digital entrepreneur Jordan Smith, 29, from Manchester, opened his ‘Rebel Mansion’ on Monday (23.10.23) at a secret location in the English countryside.
The Hugh Hefner-style estate allowed scores of his influencer clients – who include some of the world’s highest-earning OnlyFans members – to create content on their own and together in its custom-built studios.
It also featured an outdoor pool area just like the Playboy Mansion’s famous grotto, as well as a range of luxury themed rooms – all kitted out with to-of-line recording equipment and live streaming capabilities so the influencers’ fans could join the party.
Jordan said: “We’ve just finished a really busy, full-on, three-day content creation session at the Rebel Mansion, and we estimate our clients have already made around £12 million in total sales from the content they were able to capture there.
“The ‘Rebel Mansion’ is a ‘one-stop content shop‘ for my influencer clients. Some of them did £80,000 in sales from their content filmed and shot at the mansion in just a day.”
Jordan added he and his Rebel Agency team have plans to roll out the concept into London, Los Angeles, Mallorca and beyond – including Australia, Manchester and Ireland.
Among Rebel’s clients is top OnlyFans earner Belle Olivia.
The 21-year-old last year made global headlines when she told how she makes enough cash to pay rent on her penthouse in Manchester with just 10 minutes’ of content.
She said: “I’ve probably made about £80,000 so far from the content I’ve produced at the Rebel Mansion.
“I’ve shot solo footage as well as threesomes and foursomes – anything goes!
“Creators get access to so much equipment at the mansion and record weeks’ worth of content in a few days.
“And there’s always the fun of creators getting together to film. The Mansion is a brilliant idea.”
The location of the Rebel Mansion is being kept secret for now to protect the safety of its creators.
But Jordan said: “We have big plans to open more content houses with different themes and in a lot of different locations so our clients can vary their content.
“We also want to create pop-up mansions so our clients can meet and party with their followers.
Jordan added his agency also offers its clients access to mental health and accounting experts.