An Influencer's Behavior While Grocery Shopping Has Sparked A Heated Debate On Manners

eating at the store
Influencer Dragged For Snacking While Shopping@cecilybauchmann / TikTok

I live by the "don't grocery shop hungry" rule. If I'm experiencing even the slightest twinge of hanger, I will clean out the snack aisle. [Insert "I'm never gonna financially recover from this" meme.]

TikToker Cecily Bauchmann is no stranger to the concept, except, instead of avoiding Wegmans when hungry...she quite literally snacks her way through it. In a now-viral clip on TikTok, Bauchmann shared what she thought was a silly, goofy, relatable moment checking out with a half-emptied food container.

"OPENING FOOD IS A NORMAL THING AT THE GROCERY STORE, K?" she captioned the video. In the 12-second clip, the mom of four passed what was a container of sushi to the cashier, admitting, "I also opened this in-store. Sorry, I was hungry."

Although the cashier herself seemed unphased by Bauchmann's grocery habits, even telling her "I can just scan [the empty box], you're good," commenters were not quite as understanding.

"Idc how hungry I am, I’d never do this," one user wrote in the comments. "When I’m a cashier I get annoyed sometimes when people hand me their trash to scan lol," another chimed in.

Others called out Bauchmann's privilege, writing, "Now if a non white person opened up food and ate it before paying it wouldn't be 'cute' you are using your privilege smh."

Despite the influx of hate, some fans took to the social media platform to defend Bauchmann. "It's a mom thing, my momma be doing this all the time," a user wrote, while another added, "Eating at the store is so much better haha."

While the influencer hasn't spoken out about the drama outright, she did respond to a few comments on her video—which has garnered nearly 500,000 views and 2.8k comments.

"Sometimes but I like to keep life interesting," she wrote in response to someone claiming it "feels illegal" to eat at the grocery store. "It’s all about the experience," she added.

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