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Frosty fingers? These 'very effective' hand warmers are on sale for $16 a pop

With winter in full swing, hats and gloves can take us a long way to staying warm outdoors. But they only help so much when temperatures dip below freezing and you still want to hike, walk the dog or attend football games. Luckily, Amazon's got a deal on a problem-solving gadget that will keep your hands toasty for hours. The Innopaw Hand Warmers are on sale for $32 for two, down from $60 — nearly 50% off.

Not only do these gadgets keep your hands warm, they're also rechargeable and magnetic, so they can find each other.
Save $18 with 20% off coupon
$32 at Amazon

Some of us are not made for cold weather. In fact, some of us should get a prize for living through winter every year. We're the ones whose hands are perpetually cold no matter what the weather. But when it's frosty outside, our fingers turn into icicles. Are you that someone? Or perhaps you know that someone — and if you want to make their life better (or yours) these little rechargeable hand warmers will make winter so much more tolerable.

These hand warmers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket, so they're easy to use and carry when you're out about. It's a priceless product for people who spend time outside in the winter — whether it's work or play.

"I do a lot of things outdoors," reported one of more than 1,600 five-star fans. "I play disc golf and I deliver mail. So keeping my hands warm is crucial. This hand warmer is great. I took them to work with me and kept them on all day. Lasted six and a half hours on the low setting."

Woman outdoors in the winter
Cold hands, warm heart? The Innopaw rechargeable hand warmers will change that in no time. (Photo: Getty Images)

Each hand warmer comes with a USB cable for charging. Pro tip: You can also use them as battery packs so no matter where you are, you always have a way to juice your phone.

"They double as a portable charger!!!" shared another enthusiastic shopper. "My hands are always cold at work and these are awesome at keeping them warm. I've only used the lowest temperature and it's more than enough!"

They're also magnetic, so when not in use, they stick together to make them hard to lose — and for people who need them, that's imperative.

"These saved my Raynaud’s syndrome hands last winter," gushed another five-star fan. "I literally used them every night when I got in bed. I would hold one and fall asleep. Don’t know what I’d do without them. At times I’d use the high setting and run it up and down my neck for pain relief."

"Simple and very effective," said another reviewer. "Thought the magnets were a clever gimmick, but they really do a great job of keeping them together until you are ready to use them separately. They throw off plenty of heat."

Get ready to change your feelings toward winter!

Not only do these gadgets keep your hands warm, they're also rechargeable and magnetic, so they can find each other.
Save $18 with 20% off coupon
$32 at Amazon

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