Inside Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing's wedding

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Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo are quickly becoming the UK's favourite couple, after meeting in front of our eyes on Made In Chelsea and later launching their mega successful (and hilarious) podcast. The pair recently tying the knot with a chic ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall, ahead of their second wedding in Seville - and we'd be lying if we denied stalking Instagram for all the details.

While they're well on their way to happily ever after, it hasn't actually been plain sailing - Sophie was initially in a relationship with Jamie's best friend Sam Thompson, with their feelings for each other eventually coming out on MIC. So here's a look back at how Jamie and Sophie aka Habbs first met, right up to their engagement and wedding nuptials, starting with the most recent update.

20th May 2023 - Sophie and Jamie tie the knot in gorgeous Spanish ceremony

Jamie and Sophie are not only officially married, but have had their big wedding, too! Despite telling everyone it was in Seville, the pair actually tied the knot in Sotogrande (sneaky sausages), sharing an insight into the nuptials on Instagram.

"It happened….. 'To find true Love you must first find a true Friend' 💍," Jamie wrote on Instagram. "What an amazing night. I want to say thank you to all of our family and friends who came and have had to put up with all of our content over the past year… And lastly thank you to @willwarr for making this incredible video in 24HRS!! Wow what a night"

On their podcast page, they also wrote, "THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES 20.05.23 💍❤️"

Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing relationship timeline

2017 - Sophie joins MIC and briefly dates Alex Mytton

Sophie joined Made In Chelsea during series 14, going on to date Alex Mytton. While they shared a moment during the Christmas festivities episode, which aired that December, she revealed during the 'Christmas Ding Dong' Reunion episode, "We are kind of just friends. Over Christmas it fizzled out."

a look back at sophie habboo and jamie laing's relationship timeline
Channel 4

2018 - Sophie dates Sam Thompson

Six months later, Sophie went on to date Sam Thompson, who was also on Made In Chelsea at the time. Their relationship played out throughout series 15 and 16, but only lasted for six months, with Habbs calling things off in late 2018.

She later told new! magazine the pair broke up because he gave her too much attention. "His best [attribute] was he doted on my hand and foot, but his worst was maybe that he doted on me too much. Some girls like that, I don't. For me, I don't like someone who's needy. Independence is key.

a look back at sophie habboo and jamie laing's relationship timeline
Channel 4

"[I would] Absolutely not [go back out with him]. He treated me well, he was lovely to me and he was a great boyfriend. I couldn't fault him in any way but he wasn't right for me unfortunately."

Early 2019 - Jamie and Sophie are best friends, but he admits his feelings for her

Around the same time that Sophie and Sam broke up, Jamie and his French girlfriend Heloise also went their separate ways. So Jamie and Sophie begin to hang out as best friends. The pair spend loads of time together and rely on each other for advice and friendship.

During a trip to South Africa, which aired at the end of MIC episode 17, Jamie begins to realise he has feelings for Sophie, but feels like they can't act on them due to his strong friendship with her ex Sam Thompson. Things get a bit awkward during the series, as Habbs' friend Verity Bowditch actually thinks Jamie has feelings for her, but he eventually confesses to liking Habbs.

Summer 2019 - Rumours begin to swirl that they're dating, and their exes are devastated

According to The Sun, Sam Thompson didn't react to the news well, with an insider saying, "Sam (Thompson) has been left devastated by Jamie’s actions. They’ve been close friends for years and Jamie knows how heartbroken Sam was when Habbs finished with him. Habbs should have been massively off limits – but instead he’s been hooking up with her behind Sam’s back which has really shocked their entire friendship group."

Sophie Hermann also called Sophie out for going behind Jamie's ex Heloise's back, when she finds out Jamie and Habbs have slept together. She told MailOnline at the time, “Heloise was was very close friends with Habbs, pouring her heart out to her for months and months after she and Jamie split. And it wouldn’t be so bad if Jamie and Habbs were head over heels in love with one another…But for Jamie it’s clearly a rebound and for [Sophie] she’s trying to social climb up the snake ladder.”

The pair officially start dating around April 2019.

September 2019 - Jamie sleeps with someone else behind Sophie's back

Jamie and Sophie have been 'exclusive' for four months, but Jamie betrays her trust when he sleeps with someone else - the same day he had slept with her. At an MIC garden party, Rosi Mai Waldon reveals she had been seeing Jamie at the same time he was seeing Habbs, and the drama plays out on screen (we're talking season 18 if you want to go back and watch it for yourself.)

Sophie calls him a "mean person", adding, "you were my friend and you've embarrassed me so much. You slept with Rosi in the morning and slept with me that evening. I've got every single message on my phone. I don't care if you don't like me, but I thought you were a great person. I thought you were the best person ever, and you're not. You're bad. You're a mean person."

After two weeks of no contact, the pair rekindled, and Sophie forgave Jamie providing he promised to commit to "working on it [his infidelity]."

December 2019 - The pair spend NYE together

"Happy New Year from us to you ✨Here’s to 2020 💫" Sophie writes in the caption.

Summer 2020 - Jamie and Sophie move in together

The pair moved in together during the pandemic summer of 2020. Months later in a February 2021 interview with The Times, Jamie gave a little insight into their home life. "Home is where I feel most comfortable being naked," he said. "Not that I walk around starkers all the time but my girlfriend, Sophie [Habboo], would say otherwise.

"We moved into our rented west London flat last summer. It has two bedrooms, so when we argue we can move into different rooms. There’s no outside space but we’re near Notting Hill, which has a fun community vibe, lots of cool shops, great cocktails and food. There’s an incredible little Greek restaurant called Mazi that is one of the most delicious places [to eat] in the world."

December 2021 - They're engaged!

Someone sound the proposal klaxon because Jamie has officially popped the question! Taking to Instagram to share the happy news, the pair revealed they were getting married.

"I couldn't think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with you @habboosophie," Jamie wrote in his caption, while Sophie shared: "WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you @jamielaing."

March 2022 - The engaged couple kick off the NearlyWeds podcast

28th March marked the release of Sophie and Jamie's first episode of their mega successful podcast. The official description reads, "Getting married? Planning to? Find yourself in a whirlwind of "wedmin" and worry? Or do you just fancy a laugh?

"Then join "NearlyWeds" Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo on their own journey to the altar. From venues to vows, rings to reception, wine lists to guest lists, they'll discuss every element of getting married, as they plan their special day."

November 2022 - Sophie celebrates Jamie's 33rd birthday with a sweet Instagram post

"Happy Birthday my ❤️, love you! xxxx," she popped in the caption.

April 2023 - The pair tie the knot with a chic London ceremony, before their wedding in Seville

Ahead of their big wedding party in Seville in May 2023, Jamie and Sophie got married in an intimate ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall in South West London. Sophie looked effortlessly chic in a Vivienne Westwood mini dress and sunglasses, while Jamie looked stylish in a double breasted navy suit. They followed up the ceremony with a friend and family dinner. Love!

"Forever 🤍 14.04.23" Sophie put in the caption, while Jamie added, "We got married!! England Wedding done now bring on Spain!! 💍"

We're kind of obsessed with these two.

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