Instagram expected to debut new video feature, Ford and VW may work together, PayPal pays big for major competitor

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Facebook (FB) owned instagram is set to make a big announcement today – and it could be all about a new video hub. Our sister site TechCrunch says the hub will be called I-G-T-V, and allow videos up to 60 minutes long. Instagram has reportedly been in talks with content creators about making longer videos as it fights for younger audiences.

Ford (F) and Volkswagen are in talks about a possible “strategic alliance”. The auto giants say that means conversations about working together to develop commercial vehicles. Both Ford and V-W say they want to “strengthen” each other’s competitiveness, and better serve customers globally. But they insist it doesn’t mean buying stakes in each other’s businesses.

PayPal (PYPL) is paying big for a financial competitor. It’s buying Hyperwallet Systems, a company that helps e-commerce businesses pay independent sellers and contractors, for $400M. PayPal plans to add Hyperwallet’s online tools to its platform, and Hyperwallet’s CEO says the company’s 300 employees will join PayPal when the deal closes later this year.

AT&T (T) reportedly has its eyes on its next big deal. The Wall Street Journal says the company is in talks to acquire AppNexus for about $1.6B. It’s one of the largest privately-owned exchanges, that helps companies bid for online ads. The deal could give AT&T a foothold in the booming digital advertising market.