Intense combat in Ocheretyne signals possible Russian breakthrough

Aftermath of guided aerial bomb strike on Ocheretyne on April 13
Aftermath of guided aerial bomb strike on Ocheretyne on April 13

“The situation around Ocheretyne is very difficult and tends to get worse,” military expert and aviation history researcher Mikhail Zhirokhov told Radio NV on April 23, commenting on the possibility of a Russian strategic breakthrough.

The "advance gives the Russians huge advantages on the flanks," Zhirokhov said. "That's why it will be very difficult to hold other settlements and the other defensive lines."

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Ukrainian forces are deploying reserves to counter the Russian movements, but these reserves are limited. "Ocheretyne is a kind of a pincer. It's very difficult, very complicated. It is not a tactical breakthrough, but a strategic one. That's why I think the Russians will now intensify their attack," he said.

Earlier, on April 12, Ukrainian Lieutenant Colonel, Pavlo Kurylenko, said that “the only thing preventing Russia’s breakthrough on all fronts is FPV (first-person) drones,” and warned that Russia was preparing a massive offensive for this summer.

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