International prospects changing the game with Swish Culture's Jordan Richard | On The Clock

On today's episode of On The Clock, Krysten Peek is joined by Swish Culture's founder and CEO Jordan Richard to discuss international prospects and big American names in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Peek first asks Richard his thoughts on Colorado prospect Cody Williams and where he best fits in the NBA. They cover the potential landing spot of pairing with his brother, Jalen Williams, in Oklahoma City.

They move on to two big names in the class: Zach Edey and Bronny James. Peek shares her firm stance on where Edey deserves to be drafted, while Richard dives deep into James' work ethic.

After the break, Peek asks Richard's thoughts on how international prospects differ from American ones. Richard shares how they see the game differently and their focus on fundamentals.

To wrap the show, Peek asks who the San Antonio Spurs should select in the first round.

(2:06) What is Swish Culture?

(6:25) Cody Williams landing spots

(12:33) Zach Edey's value

(19:38) Bronny's work ethic

(25:36) International prospects

(35:32) Make The Pick: San Antonio Spurs

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