Conspiracy claims Melania replaced by imposter after she left Donald Trump

Allison Yee

Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he completely forgot his wife Melania was standing next to him during a speech in Florida last month – and now the internet has a wild theory about why.

Conspiracists out there will love this: the theory is Melania has actually left Donald, and for the last few weeks, the FLOTUS has been played by an imposter.

What started off as an amusing joke has actually gathered some steam, as POTUS watchers have noticed some behaviour from the couple that have aroused suspicions.

For one, Donald well and truly forgot Melania was standing centimetres away from him when addressing the crowd while in Florida to assess the damage done by Hurrican Irma.

“I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President… Melania really wanted to be with us,” Trump said, as Melania stood silently by his side.

Was this because she actually wasn’t there – and an imposter was standing in her place?

Despite standing right next to him, Trump forgot his wife was with him. Photo: Getty

Melania’s love of wearing sunglasses has long been documented, however it’s her recent habit of donning shades at night that has added even more fuel to the imposter fire.

The Independent reports Melania’s night shades fascination started after the first family returned from a “working vacation” in New Jersey in late August.

Melania's love of night time sunnies started in August after a 'vacation'. Photo: Getty

Since then, there’s been at least two more occasions when the FLOTUS has shielded her eyes at night.

How does the FLOTUS even see? Photo: Getty

The theory has even seen some take a good, long look at Melania’s face to see if they can notice any changes.

What do you think?

Melania, is that really you? Photo: Getty

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