Internet loses it over raunchy-looking sea creature

Kristine Tarbert

Cue the new nicknames!

It’s a scientific discovery in the deep sea ocean of Australia that’s got internet users laughing out load due to it’s similarity to a very specific part of the human anatomy.

Source: Giphy

It's a penis. Well, basically, it looks like a penis.

But this strange-looking creature is called a ‘peanut worm’.

It doesn't look like a peanut. Photo: Twitter

Now this is why we love the internet, because there are so many other things it could be called.

From a Mermaid's Toy, to Dildofilphora - the internet had a field-day.

It’s actual name comes from the fact that when threatened these animals can contract their long head inwards and resemble a peanut.

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Source: Giphy

As it stands though, it definitely resembles something else!

Men beware, this could lead to some awkward new nicknames for your member.

On a serious note, it was just one of a host of odd animals a team from the Museums Victoria discovered during a month-long expedition of one of the most inaccessible and mysterious environments on the planet – 4,000 metres below the sea known as the eastern abyss.

That’s one way to get the world interested in science!

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