The Internet Is Pissed Over Tiktoker’s Wasteful Prank Covering Parent’s Kitchen In Nutella

nutella kitchen
People Are Furious At The TikTok Nutella Prankster@kaihspeakup / TikTok

Next time you think about covering your parents' entire kitchen in Nutella, maybe...don't. One TikToker, who pulled off that very prank earlier this month, is catching serious backlash on the internet for his viral shenanigans.

ICYMI, @kaihspeakup has garnered something of a reputation for carrying out elaborate pranks on his parents, including his antics with the hazelnut spread.

"I always wanted a Nutella house," he wrote alongside the now-deleted video, which garnered over 6.2 million likes and 90,000 comments on TikTok before it was taken down. In the original clip, @kaihspeakup uses plastic wrap to encase the kitchen before quite literally covering every inch of the room in Nutella.

Once Instagram caught wind of the controversy, it went nuts—to say the least. Folks on the internet were pissed over the prank, calling it "not funny."

"If that was my kid, his parent's house would no longer be his house," one user wrote.

Another added, "Now I'm feeling sad for this generation. Hung up on getting likes 🙁 at someone else's expense."

"Doesn’t anyone have something better to do with their time and money? Like go volunteer somewhere or feed the homeless," another comment reads.

"I don’t care about the wasted Nutella but I would be furious if my kitchen was covered in it," a third person wrote on social media. "This kids got a problem if he thought this was funny."

While many of the comments were pissed for the parents's sake, others were concerned about the waste and environmental repercussions.

"Nutella contains large amounts of palm oil. Palm oil plantations are causing deforestation and massive animal extinction in Indonesia and South America," @altamartin1202 pointed out on Instagram. "I can’t imagine how many animals died so he could pull this 'prank' off. Such an absolute waste."

"People becoming famous via TikTok or YouTube for doing stupid shit like this is why the internet is stupid 😂" wrote another follower.

A fellow concerned commenter similarly called out the prankster, writing, "the cost, the waste, time it took could be better spent on something much more productive... sounds like a self centered, selfish, me me me kinda person, so so sad."

It wasn't just the Nutella prank that's missing from TikTok; @kaihspeakup's entire account comes up as missing. Maybe he got grounded?

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