Investigators raid Kyiv heat-power plants, citing probe into alleged embezzlement of repair funds

SBI conducting searches in the administrative buildings of Kyiv's CHPs in probe into embezzlement
SBI conducting searches in the administrative buildings of Kyiv's CHPs in probe into embezzlement

Officers of the State Bureau of Investigation are conducting searches in administrative buildings at Kyiv's combined heat and power plants (CHPs) in an investigation into the embezzlement of funds during their repair, the agency's press service said on Oct. 27.

The searches are part of a criminal probe into alleged abuse of office by employees of utility companies with regard to funds allocated to repair plants damaged by Russian missile attacks.

Information about the withdrawal of money allocated for repairs to the accounts of apparent shell companies, with the funds then been cashed out and misappropriated, is being checked, the SBI said.

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The SBI is also checking reports that the work itself was not actually performed in accordance with the contracts concluded in 2022.

SBI officers want to seize the documentation on the admission of the contractor's employees and equipment to the facilities in 2022-2023, as well as accounting documents with the performed work, the agency said.

During the investigative actions, no video recording of critical infrastructure facilities was carried out, and no unauthorized persons were involved in the searches.

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The SBI also stated that there is no interference with the technological process of power and heat generation. Investigators work only with the documentation stored in the administrative premises and voluntarily provided.

At the same time, investigative actions are being carried out at the contractor organization that performed the repair work.

A pre-trial investigation is being carried out under the articles on abuse of power and forgery that caused grave consequences (part 2 of Article 364, part of Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the articles provides for imprisonment for up to six years.

The State Bureau of Investigation came to the premises of Kyiv's CHP plants with searches on the morning of Oct. 27.

Kyivteploenergo, the capital’s largest supplier of district heat and hot water, said that investigators tried to enter directly into sensitive energy facilities, access to which is restricted by law during wartime, and allegedly filmed everything.

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