Ioan Gruffudd’s MS sufferer girlfriend Bianca Wallace reveals ‘droopy left eye and cheek’

Ioan Gruffudd’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace has revealed her “droopy left eye and cheek” after admitting she had “aggressive” multiple sclerosis.
The actress, 34, posted three photographs of herself on Instagram on Sunday (30.10.22) alongside which she said she has undergone brain and spine MRIs after experiencing “spasming, nerve pain and numbness”.
She said in an update about her MS: “Hi guys! An update. I came out of remission at the end of September after two entire months of total remission. So incredibly amazing!
“Before I went to Aus for work I started to have some old issues pop up. Nerve pain, rapid weight loss and blindness / vision disturbances.
“Unfortunately though, I also had new symptoms appear. My left pectoral/boob, the left side of my face and my in the heel of my left foot.
“Spasming, nerve pain, numbness across the side and top of my boob and face, and some really unusual sensations.
“The best way I can describe it is a painful, itchy, ‘alive’ feeling. These symptoms, especially the ones in my pec/boob, have been the kind of pain and discomfort that become quite distracting.
“I had brain and spine MRI’s yesterday to see what on earth is going on in there, as well as Botox put in to help lift up my left eye and right cheek droop (I have added a pic of my eye in action.
“But as always, I choose to carry on with life. This disability and its dramas come along with me on my journey and in turn, working in Australia went well!
“Once we know more I shall send out a little update. Maybe a video! Lots of love to you all.”
Ioan, 49, is set to co-star in a new drama with Bianca that will detail her MS experience, saying on Instagram: “I am so proud to be able to bring Bianca's extraordinary story to life.”
The story will follow a chronically ill newly married young woman who finds herself alone and struggling with the illness.
Ioan has been embroiled in a legal fight with his ex-wife Alice Evans, 54, for custody of their two daughters after their acrimonious split.
Bianca earlier this year shared her fear she did not know if she would ever walk again after being told she had the condition aged 25.
She first went to doctors after being unable to pick up a pen to write, saying “everything changed” after the visit.
Bianca now suffers with occasional blindness in her left eye and the right side of her body has nerve damage,
but said the illness has made her “appreciate life for what it is”.