'Irresponsible' dog owners shamed in damning park photo

A sign advising people to take their rubbish with them seemed to result in them dumping it there and then.

Residents have shared their disgust at an unsightly mess discovered alongside a walking path in a popular Melbourne park.

A damning – and rather ironic – photo taken near the path shows more than a dozen dog poo bags dumped on a tree stump, in Jells Park in the Dandenong Creek Valley.

Right next to the ugly sight is a sign saying: "This is a bin free park. Please clean up after your dog and take all litter with you."

A photo of dog bags dumped on a tree stump in Jells Park. A photo of Dandenong Creek.
Locals have erupted over the dumping of dog poo bags at Jells Park, a popular place for cycling and picnics. Source: Reddit/Google Maps

"This is why we can't have nice things," a bemused local wrote on Reddit on Friday when sharing the image of the scattered poo bags. They also noted there is a sign next to this one directing people to the dog park 2.5km up the road where bins can be found.

Park authorities respond to dumping of dog poo bags

People responded criticising dog owners for dumping the dog poo bags, while others questioned the decision of Parks Victoria to not have a bin available.

After seeing the photo Parks Victoria District Manager Tina Konstantinidis urged dog owners to dispose of their pet's waste properly.

“We expect all park visitors to be considerate to other people and to our environment, and take their rubbish home with them," she told Yahoo News Australia. "Where dogs are allowed in parks, we expect owners to be responsible, pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of the waste.”

Those who are caught not picking up after their dogs risk a $200 fine in the City of Monash council area, according to their website. Fines for the act differs in different local council areas.

Locals divided on solution for poo problem

Many thought the act was "stupid," saying there's "nothing worse than irresponsible dog owners". "If you don’t want to carry s**t around in a little bag, don’t have a dog," one person commented on Reddit. "This is pure laziness," another said.

While others thought bins should be installed if this is "an ongoing issue". "Not everyone is as committed travelling 2 to 5km for a bin," one person said. "There's obviously a need for a bin, Why don't they install one?" someone else asked.

Yahoo understands most Parks Victoria sites like Jells Park don't have bins as they attract feral animals and pests to food scraps. The bins can also overflow with litter and cause harmful impacts to wildlife and the environment.

Removing rubbish is also a significant expense for the organisation, who understandably prefer their rangers to focus on more of their core duties.

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