Israel-Hamas war – live: Rafah crossing opens as hundreds of foreign nationals and injured evacuate

The first foreign nationals, including Britons and Americans, have left Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

The UK Foreign Office said the crossing to Egypt would be open for “controlled and time-limited periods” to allow foreign nationals and the seriously injured to leave.

British citizens have described desperate scenes at the border that has opened for the first time since the war began, as a communications blackout meant those trying to flee do not know if their names are on the list of permitted evacuees.

It comes as the only cancer treatment hospital in Gaza is out of service after it ran out of fuel, health officials said. And the Palestinian health ministry warned that Al-Shifa, the primary hospital in Gaza, had less than 24 hours of fuel remaining.

Egypt will take in 81 wounded people from Gaza and treat them in hospital, Gaza’s General Authority for Crossings and Borders told the New York Times.

Earlier, the Israeli military admitted launching a wide-scale airstrike on the densely inhabited Jabalia refugee camp where potentially “dozens” of civilians were killed.

Key Points

  • Egypt to open Rafah crossing for injured Gazans

  • Qatar brokers deal between Egypt, Hamas and Israel for limited Gaza evacuations, say sources

  • Israeli military admits striking Jabalia as ‘dozens’ killed in refugee camp blast

  • Israeli military defends ‘high importance’ strike on Jabalia refugee camp

  • Gaza plunges into communication blackout

Israeli air force says ‘dozens’ of Hamas terrorists killed in raids

06:56 , Shweta Sharma

Israel’s air force has said in a statement that IDF fighters and armored forces were fired on with anti-tank weapons and grenades by Hamas in overnight operations.

But they neutralised “dozens” of Hamas fighters.

“The forces engaged in prolonged battles with the terrorists, assisted by brigade fire from artillery and tanks, while directing an aircraft to attack from the air and directing a missile ship to attack from the sea. At the end of the fighting, dozens of terrorists were killed,” the statement said.

Biden calls for humanitarian ‘pause’ in Gaza but stops short on calling for ceasefire

03:06 , Shweta Sharma

US president Joe Biden said there is a need for a humanitarian “pause” in the Israel-Hamas war after he was interrupted by a protester calling for ceasefire in Gaza.

Mr Biden was speaking to a crowd of supporters in Minneapolis about his reasons for running for president in 2020 when a woman got up and yelled: “Mr President, if you care about Jewish people, as a rabbi, I need you to call for a cease-fire.”

“I think we need a pause,” Mr Biden said.

Mr Biden’s latest remark was a subtle departure for the president and top White House aides, who throughout the Mideast crisis have been steadfast in stating they will not dictate how the Israelis carry out their military operations in response to the 7 October attack by Hamas.

The White House has refused to call for a cease-fire but has signaled that the Israelis should consider humanitarian pauses to allow civilians to receive aid and for foreign nationals trapped on the strip to leave Gaza.

“This is incredibly complicated for the Israelis,” Mr Biden added. “It’s incredibly complicated for the Muslim world as well. ... I supported a two-state solution, I have from the very beginning.”

Live: View of Gaza's Rafah border as crossing opens for second day

07:09 , Shweta Sharma

Scenes at the Rafah crossing as foreigners evacuate

06:45 , Shweta Sharma

Emotional and chaotic scenes were witnessed at the Rafah crossing border yesterday as hundreds arrived with their families to leave the conflict-torn Gaza Strip.

Ambulances with injured lined up at the border to cross into Egypt for better treatment as hospitals in Gaza are running out of supplies, fuel and water as the crisis mounts.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Japan’s foreign minister to visit Israel to discuss ‘grave humanitarian situation in Gaza'

06:30 , Shweta Sharma

Japan’s foreign minister said she would meet Palestinian counterparts during a visit to Israel and Jordan, and would communicate Japan’s readiness to provide aid to the Palestinians.

The minister, Yoko Kamikawa, is also set to meet Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen during her two-day trip from Friday.

“I hope to discuss how to respond to the grave humanitarian situation in the Gaza region as well as directly communicate Japan’s readiness to continue providing aid,” Ms Kamikawa said of her meeting with her Palestinian counterparts.

She did not specify who she would meet from the Palestinian side.

Speaking to reporters before her departure, she acknowledged the Israeli strike on the Jabalia refugee camp and that many civilians had been killed in the attack.

“I understand the Israeli military has said the strike targeted Hamas operatives and relevant infrastructure,” she said. She did not comment further.

All 10 Japanese nationals and their eight Palestinian family members wishing to leave Gaza have evacuated to Egypt, Ms Kamikawa said, adding that the evacuees were in good health.

Twenty Australians leave Gaza through Rafah as 65 still remain

06:15 , Shweta Sharma

There were 20 Australians among the first group of foreign citizens to leave the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip and enter Eygpt via the Rafah border crossing, assistant minister for foreign affairs, Tim Watts, said.

Mr Watts said there were still 75 Australians trapped in Gaza and the government had urged them, using all available communication channels, to move toward the Rafah crossing as soon as possible.

“We are providing all possible support we can, communicating through all available channels,” Mr Watts told ABC television.

“It is not always perfect. This is a conflict zone.”

Mr Watts said the government was not planning for more assisted flights at the moment as there were enough commercial options available. Since the conflict began on 7 October, the Australian government has conducted several repatriation flights.

Mr Watts said he also “strongly encouraged” Australians in Lebanon to leave the country after deadly clashes between Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group.

“We can’t make any guarantees that Beirut airport will remain open if the conflict spreads to the south of Lebanon and departure options become much more complex and more difficult at that point,” he said.

“We don’t know what the situation is going to look like in the coming days and coming weeks.”

Australian foreign minister Penny Wong called for a pause in hostilities to allow supplies to enter Gaza, strongly criticising Hamas and calling on Israel to exercise restraint to minimise civilian casualties.

“Even in war there are rules,” Ms Wong told a news conference. “The international community will not accept ongoing civilian deaths.”

'Sounds of explosions' heard in vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital, says Red Crescent Society

06:00 , Shweta Sharma

Sounds of explosions and shelling continued to be heard in the vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital, the Red Crescent Society said.

Israeli warplanes conducted a series of raids in the vicinity of the Al-Quds Hospital at dawn, said the Palestinian news agency Wafa, citing the Palestinian non-profit.

The hospital in the Tal Al-Hawa neighbourhood south of Gaza City is affiliated with the Red Crescent.

It has more than 14,000 civilians who are either undergoing treatment or seeking shelter.

The Red Crescent Society has refused to evacuate the hospital amid warnings from the Israeli forces to evacuate it as they threatened to carry out raids there.

The society has called on the international community to intervene immediately to prevent possible mass casualties at the hospital.


Latest in Gaza as Israel continues ground operation

05:45 , Shweta Sharma

It is morning in Gaza following a night of continued intense bombardment and fighting on the strip as Israeli forces continued their ground operations.

Here are the latest developments since yesterday:

  • The Rafah border crossing opened yesterday for the first time to allow the evacuation of foreign nationals and injured dual nationality citizens who wanted to leave Gaza.

  • 596 foreign nationals will leave today after more than 300 left Gaza a day earlier, including British citizens.

  • Us president Joe Biden has called for a humanitarian “pause” on Israel’s military campaign but he did not call for a ceasefire after he was interrupted mid-speech by a protester demanding ceasefire.

  • US secretary of state Antony Blinken is departing today for Israel for his second visit to meet prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials. He will voice solidarity over the Hamas attack but also reassert the need to minimise Palestinian civilian casualties

  • Israel said its two days of strikes killed two Hamas military leaders in Jabalia, Gaza’s biggest refugee camp. It was Israel’s most controversial airstrike in Gaza during the ground operations as number of civilians have died.

  • At least 195 Palestinians were killed in the Jabalia refugee camp strike, with 120 missing under the rubble and at least 777 people wounded, the Gaza health ministry said.

Watch: Dozens of dual passport holders leave Gaza for Egypt through Rafah crossing

05:30 , Shweta Sharma

British teacher trapped in Gaza urges government to act before it is ‘too late’

05:15 , Shweta Sharma

A British citizen stranded in Gaza has urged the government to do more to help those trapped there to escape via the Rafah crossing before it is “too late”.

The border between Egypt and Gaza opened for some foreign nationals and severely injured Palestinians after weeks of negotiations yesterday, but just two of the 200 Britons stuck inside the besieged enclave were among them.

Schoolteacher Zaynab Wandawi, 29, from Manchester, is among those stranded and has urged the government to “not delay” in helping, in a social media post shared by her family.

British teacher trapped in Gaza urges government to act before it is ‘too late’

Latest satellite images show destruction of Jabalia refugee camp

04:53 , Shweta Sharma

The latest satellite images released by Maxar Technology show the extent of destruction of the Jabalia refugee camp following Israel’s airstrikes on what was the biggest refugee camp.

The United Nations human rights office says it is concerned that Israeli airstrikes on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp could amount to war crimes.

Around 200 Palestinian civilians have been left dead in the airstrikes, with hundreds injured and several still missing, Gaza’s Hamas-run media office said.

 (Satellite image ©2023 Maxar Tech)
(Satellite image ©2023 Maxar Tech)
 (Satellite image ©2023 Maxar Tech)
(Satellite image ©2023 Maxar Tech)

IDF says one soldier killed in Gaza a day after 15 casualities

04:47 , Shweta Sharma

The Israeli military said one soldier was killed in Gaza yesterday after 15 fatalities a day before as forces launched the ground operation in the enclave.

Israel’s Defence Forces said a soldier from the 7007th Infantry Battalion has been killed in northern Gaza in fighting with Hamas.

The death brings the total casualties of Israeli forces to 17 since the army launched ground invasion of Gaza.

Second list of 596 foreign national to leave Gaza released

04:31 , Shweta Sharma

Around 596 foreign and dual nationals from 15 countries will leave Gaza through Rafah crossing into Egypt today as the border will open for the second time today,

The Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority has released a list, that includes 400 American citizens.

The ministry said the people on the list would need to arrive at the crossing at 7am.

The list of foreign and dual nationals included people from the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan, 8

  • Belgium, 50

  • Bahrain, 6

  • Chad, 2

  • Croatia, 23

  • Greece, 24

  • Hungary, 20

  • Italy/United Nations, 4

  • North Macedonia, 4

  • Mexico, 2

  • Netherlands, 20

  • South Korea, 5

  • Sri Lanka, 17

  • Switzerland, 11

  • United States, 400

Antony Blinken to visit Israel for second time

03:55 , Shweta Sharma

US secretary of state Antony Blinken is departing today for Israel for his second visit to meet prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials.

During his meeting tomorrow, he will voice solidarity over the Hamas attack but also reassert the need to minimise Palestinian civilian casualties, his spokesperson said.

Mr Blinken will also stop in Jordan, one of a handful of Arab states to have normalised relations with Israel. But yesterday, Jordan withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv until Israel ends its assault on Gaza.

In Jordan, Mr Blinken will underscore the importance of protecting civilian lives and reiterate a US commitment to ensure Palestinians are not forcibly displaced from Gaza, a growing concern of the Arab world, the spokesman said.

He will pursue talks led by Egypt and Qatar on securing the release of all of the hostages held by Hamas.

IDF says two Hamas leaders killed in Jabalia refugee camp strike as death toll rises to 195

03:46 , Shweta Sharma

Israel said its two days of strikes killed two Hamas military leaders in Jabalia, Gaza’s biggest refugee camp.

Israeli defence forces said the group had command centres and other “terror infrastructure under, around and within civilian buildings, intentionally endangering Gazan civilians”.

At least 195 Palestinians were killed in the most controversial Israeli airstrikes on the refugee camp, Gaza’s Hamas-run media office said.

Around 120 remain missing under the rubble and at least 777 people were wounded, it said in a statement.

UN human rights officials said strikes on the camp could be a “war crime”.

“Given the high number of civilian casualties and the scale of destruction following Israeli air strikes on Jabalia refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said on X.

Israel says ‘no damage’ after Hezbollah claims drowning drones

03:38 , Shweta Sharma

Israel‘s military said its aircraft suffered “no damage” as it confirmed a missile launch by Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Hezbollah yesterday said it shot down an Israeli drone over south Lebanon with a surface-to-air missile just after midnight over two villages on the Lebanese side of the frontier.

“It crashed and fell instantly,” it said.

The Israeli military said that a surface-to-air missile was launched from Lebanon toward one of its drones.

“In response, the (military) struck the terrorist cell that fired the missile and the launch site,” the military said in a statement, without saying who was behind the firing.

“There was no damage to the (drone),” the statement said.

Watch: Reporter challenges IDF official over civilian bomb deaths

03:30 , Jane Dalton

Watch: Reporter challenges IDF official over civilian deaths in Gaza bombing

Rafah crossing to reopen today to evacuate foreign nationals

03:16 , Shweta Sharma

More foreign nationals and injured Gazans are expected to leave the besieged Gaza Strip today as the Rafah crossing will open again.

At least 320 foreign citizens on an initial list of 500, as well as dozens of severely injured Gazans, crossed into Egypt yesterday under a deal among Israel, Egypt and Hamas.

Passport holders from Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the United Kingdom and the United States were in the evacuation.

A diplomatic source said some 7,500 foreign passport holders would leave Gaza over about two weeks.

In pictures: Life in Gaza refugee camp

03:00 , Jane Dalton

Palestinian children at a UN-provided tent camp in Khan Younis (AP)
Palestinian children at a UN-provided tent camp in Khan Younis (AP)
Palestinians displaced by the bombardment sit by a fire (AP)
Palestinians displaced by the bombardment sit by a fire (AP)

Why the Rafah crossing is vital

02:00 , Jane Dalton

What you need to know about this critical linchpin for humanitarian aid:

Why the Rafah border crossing is vital for humanitarian aid to Gaza

Pope calls for two-state solution

01:30 , Jane Dalton

Pope Francis has said on a two-state solution is needed for Israel and Palestine, and called for a special status for Jerusalem.

Francis also said he hoped a regional escalation could be avoided.

“(Those are) two peoples who have to live together. With that wise solution, two states. The Oslo accords, two well-defined states and Jerusalem with a special status,” he said in an interview with Italy’s RAI broadcaster.

In 1993, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organisation leader Yasser Arafat shook hands on the Oslo Accords establishing limited Palestinian autonomy.

US President Bill Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Arafat took part in the Camp David summit in 2000, but failed to reach a final peace deal.

“The war in the Holy Land frightens me,” Francis said. “How will these people end this story?”

An escalation, he said, “would mean the end of so many things and so many lives”.


Don’t act on ‘rage and revenge’ as US did after 9/11, warns Bernie Sanders

01:00 , Jane Dalton

Former US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has warned the Israeli government: “Rage and revenge do not make useful policy...

“Killing innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza will not bring back to life the innocent Israeli women and children killed by Hamas.”

Sunak thanks Egyptian president

00:30 , Jane Dalton

Rishi Sunak has thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for opening the Rafah crossing as they held talks about Gaza and the wider Middle East.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “He welcomed the opening of the Rafah crossing today for the first British and other nationals and injured Palestinians to leave Gaza. The Prime Minister thanked president Sisi for his efforts and said the UK would continue to work closely with Egypt and Israel to ensure all British citizens can leave Gaza safely.

“The leaders talked about urgent work to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza, and the Prime Minister updated on plans for a second UK aid flight to support the work of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

“He said ensuring life-saving aid and medical treatment reaches civilians by all available routes is a top priority and the UK stands ready to provide further support.

“The Prime Minister and President Sisi also discussed diplomatic efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, prevent escalation in the wider Middle East and achieve long-term peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people.”

Palestinian-American family says 42 relatives killed in one day

23:59 , Jane Dalton

A Palestinian-American family are still in shock after they learnt that they lost 42 family members over three generations in Gaza in a single day:

Palestinian American family in shock after 42 relatives were killed

Israeli troops ‘at gates of Gaza City'

23:30 , Jane Dalton

Israeli ground troops have advanced to “the gates of Gaza City” in heavy fighting with militants, the military said.

Brig Gen Itzik Cohen, commander of the 162nd Armored Division, said: “We are located at the gates of Gaza City.”

Israeli forces appeared to be advancing on three main routes, according to the Institute for the Study of War, a US research group that tracks conflicts.

One thrust came from Gaza’s northeast corner. Another south of Gaza City was cutting across the breadth of the territory, reaching the main north-south highway.

The third from Gaza’s northeast corner had moved about three miles down the Mediterranean coast and reached the outskirts of the Shati and Jabaliya refugee camps on the edges of Gaza City.

Hamas and the smaller Islamic Jihad militant group reported clashes with Israeli troops in several locations. Hamas’ armed wing posted video purporting to show its fighters emerging from tunnels and firing anti-tank rockets at Israeli tanks east of Gaza City.

Blinken to undertake new mission to Israel

23:00 , Jane Dalton

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Israel and Jordan on Friday, the State Department says.

Further stops in the Middle East are possible, meaning the trip may follow the frenetic pace of his last trip to the region shortly after the Hamas attacks in Israel.

Mr Blinken travelled to Israel three times and visited six Arab nations during that trip.

He will be entering a diplomatic maelstrom. Jordan has announced it has recalled its ambassador to Israel and will not permit Israel’s ambassador to Jordan to return to the country. It also said it would not revisit those moves until the Gaza conflict was over.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said Mr Blinken would again underscore the Biden administration’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself but also stress the importance of minimising civilian casualties and ensuring that humanitarian assistance reaches innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

British teacher turned away at Rafah with ‘depleted’ supplies

22:30 , Jane Dalton

A British teacher was turned away at the Rafah border crossing into Egypt as her mother in the UK told of her daughter’s “limited” food and water supplies:

British teacher in Gaza turned away at Rafah border with ‘depleted’ supplies

Briton trapped in Gaza describes ‘desperate’ scenes at crossing

22:00 , Jane Dalton

A British citizen in Gaza has described the desperate scenes at the Egyptian border that has opened for the first time since the Israel-Hamas war began. Mohamed Ghalayni, a British-Palestinian scientist based in Manchester who was in Gaza visiting family when the war started, told The Independent he used precious fuel supplies to travel to the border:

Brit trapped in Gaza describes ‘desperate’ scenes at Rafah crossing

Airstrikes hit refugee camp second day running

21:30 , Jane Dalton

Israeli airstrikes have hit apartment buildings in a Gaza refugee camp for the second day in a row, Palestinian officials said.

The Hamas-run government said the strikes killed and wounded many people but the exact toll is not yet known.

Al-Jazeera television aired footage of devastation in the Jabaliya camp near Gaza City and of several wounded people, including children, being taken to a nearby hospital.

The footage showed nearly identical scenes to the day before, with dozens of men digging through the rubble of demolished multistorey buildings in search of survivors.


Israeli refugee camp airstrikes could be war crimes, says UN human rights chief

20:59 , Jane Dalton

The United Nations human rights office says it is concerned that Israeli airstrikes on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp could amount to war crimes.

“Given the high number of civilian casualties & the scale of destruction following Israeli airstrikes on Jabalia refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes,” the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights wrote on social media.

Sunak and Kamala Harris agree on Israel defence and Gaza aid

20:50 , Jane Dalton

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak “reiterated Israel’s right to defend itself against terror” as he met the US vice-president , No 10 says.

In a readout issued after a meeting between Mr Sunak and Kamala Harris, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister reiterated Israel’s right to defend itself against terror as well as the need to get more humanitarian aid into Gaza and to free hostages taken by Hamas.

“Both agreed that the UK and US were aligned in these efforts and would continue to work with partners in the region to ensure stability.”


Five French people among those escaping

20:15 , Jane Dalton

Five French citizens were among dozens of dual-passport-holders and seriously injured who were able to leave Gaza via the Rafah crossing, the French Foreign Ministry said.

A team from the French Embassy in Egypt waited for the group.

“We reiterate our call to protect all civilian populations in Gaza,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said last month that several dozen French citizens and their families were in Gaza, including residents and those visiting family or in a humanitarian capacity.

Nine French nationals remain missing and are thought to be held hostage by Hamas militants.

French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated during a visit to Kazakhstan the need for protection of the civilian population caught up in the Israel-Hamas war that has killed thousands, including 1,400 Israelis and more than 8,700 Palestinians.

“We say the way to protect yourself should be compliant with international law ... You have to attack and punish the terrorist group Hamas (but) you have to protect civilians in your counter-attack,” Mr Macron said.

Egyptian doctors conducted medical examinations on foreign passport-holders after their arrival.

 (via REUTERS)

Desperate scenes at crossing as many Britons turned away

19:36 , Jane Dalton

The first British citizens have escaped Gaza as the Rafah crossing opened for the first time since the start of the war, but many more were turned away in chaotic scenes where desperate families begged border guards to be allowed to cross to safety, writes Bel Trew:

Trapped foreign nationals in dark over whether they can leave Gaza

Sunak ‘hopeful’ of Britons' escape

19:28 , Jane Dalton

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak says he hopes Britons will have been among the foreigners to have escaped Gaza into Egypt.

Asked whether British nationals would be getting out in the current “wave” of crossings at Rafah, Mr Sunak told ITV’s Robert Peston: “We are hopeful that we’ve made some progress. It’s something that we have pushed on repeatedly with all partners.

“You know, hopefully, we will now start to see that … we’ll do everything we can to get them out, including hostages as well.”

First British nationals leave Gaza as Rafah crossing opens

18:48 , Natalie Crockett

The first British nationals have left Gaza via the Rafah border crossing from Gaza into Egypt, the Foreign Office has said.

Officials said the crossing will be open for “controlled and time-limited periods” to allow specific groups of foreign nationals and the seriously injured to leave Gaza.

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said: “We will continue working with partners to ensure the crossing is opened again, allowing vital aid into Gaza and more British nationals to leave safely.

“We are regularly updating all British nationals registered us.

“The crossing will be open for controlled and time-limited periods to allow specific groups of foreign nationals and the seriously wounded to leave.

“We have agreed a list of British nationals that want to leave Gaza with Egyptian and Israeli authorities. We will be informed in advance when those on the list can use the crossing to ensure we can provide assistance.”

Gaza death toll reaches 8,796

18:45 , Jane Dalton

Medical authorities in Hamas-run Gaza say 8,796 people have been killed in the enclave since Israel started its bombardment, following Hamas’s raid in which 1,400 Israelis were killed and more than 200 taken hostage.

The Gaza death toll includes 3,648 children, the authorities say.

Palestinians search for bodies and survivors among the rubble (EPA)
Palestinians search for bodies and survivors among the rubble (EPA)

More Americans set to flee Gaza, says Biden

18:00 , Jane Dalton

More Americans are expected to be able to escape Gaza in the coming days, US president Joe Biden says.

“We won’t let up working to get Americans out of Gaza,” he vowed.

Opinion: If Starmer wants to be PM, he must not U-turn on ceasefire

17:17 , Jane Dalton

Starmer is rightly acting like a prime minister-in-waiting, rather than a leader of opposition who can take the easy option – in this case, calling for the ceasefire many in the party and the wider public understandably want, writes Andrew Grice:

If Starmer wants to be PM, he must not U-turn on Israel ceasefire

US ally Jordan recalls ambassador from Israel

16:39 , Jane Dalton

In a sign of increasing alarm over the war among Arab countries, Jordan has recalled its ambassador from Israel and told Israel’s ambassador to remain out of the country.

Jordan, a key US ally, signed a peace deal with Israel in 1994, the second Arab country after Egypt to do so.

Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister, Ayman al-Safadi, said the return of the ambassadors is linked to Israel “stopping its war on Gaza — and the humanitarian catastrophe it is causing.”

He warned of the potential of the conflict to spread, threatening “the security of the entire region”.

Jordan on the map (Google Maps)
Jordan on the map (Google Maps)

At least 320 foreign nationals have been evacuated to Egypt so far

15:55 , Barney Davis

At least 320 foreign passport holders crossed on Wednesday to Egypt from Gaza in the first batch of evacuations from the besieged strip, Reuters said.

The Palestinian official on the Gaza side of the border said the foreign passport holders crossed the Rafah crossing on six buses.


A first list of about 500 foreigners or dual nationals had been cleared to leave Gaza, with evacuations expected to continue in the days to come.

Kamala Harris' husband says ‘crisis of anti-Semitism’ in UK

15:31 , Adam Forrest

Douglas Emhoff, the first Jewish spouse of an American president or vice president, said antisemitism and other forms of hate were “like a venom coursing through our world right now”.

He said he had made it his mission to “push back on this epidemic of hate”, adding that it was already “bad here in the UK” and around the world before the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Adam Forrest reports:

‘Crisis of antisemitism’ in the UK and world, says husband of Kamala Harris

Dagestan passengers flown to safety by helicopter after ‘anti-Semitic mob' stormed airport

15:25 , Barney Davis

Israel’s ambassador to Moscow gave new details Wednesday of the weekend riot at an airport in southern Russia when a flight from Tel Aviv landed there, saying some of the passengers had to hide in the terminal before being flown by helicopter to safety.Ambassador Alexander Ben Zvi blamed Sunday night’s unrest on extremist elements resulting from “indoctrination” in the mostly Muslim republic of Dagestan.

“Of course, there has always been, is and will be antisemitism on the everyday level. The important thing is that it doesn’t develop into what we saw in Makhachkala,” Ben Zvi told AP. “If all this is under control, I think there will be no problems.”

 (Telegram / @askrasul/AFP via Get)
(Telegram / @askrasul/AFP via Get)

Hundreds of men, some carrying banners with antisemitic slogans, roamed the building and rushed onto the tarmac looking for Israeli passengers.

It took the authorities several hours to disperse the mob, which threw stones at police.At least 20 people, both police and civilians, were injured and more than 80 were detained.

Authorities in Dagestan said 17 people were charged with petty hooliganism and participating in an unauthorised mass event, with courts ordering 15 of them to serve short stints in jail and two others — to undertake correctional labour.

Israel releases names of four more dead soldiers in north Gaza

14:50 , Barney Davis

Israeli Defence Forces have named four soldiers from the same battalion who were killed in battle in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF named Lieutenant Pdaya Menachem Mark, 22 years old, from Ethaniel, a platoon commander in the Saber Battalion, Givati ​​Brigade, who fell in battle.

Three sergeants Itay Yehuda, Shay Arvas and Roei Saragosti all 20 years old from the same Saber Battalion were also named among the dead.

It came as Palestinian health officials claimed at least four Palestinians were killed during Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank.

Three people were killed during a raid in the northern city of Jenin, while another was shot dead in Tulkarem, also in the north, the health ministry said.

Switzerland pledges $99m aid to Middle East

14:15 , Barney Davis

The Swiss government will ask parliament for additional funds to provide 90 million Swiss francs’ ($99.04 million) worth of humanitarian aid to the Middle East, it said on Wednesday.

The funds will go mainly to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (ICRC), the UN and international humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that offer aid to people in the region affected by the armed conflict.

“The humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict in the Middle East are dire in Israel, in the occupied Palestinian territory and in the neighbouring countries affected,” said the Swiss Federal Council in a statement.

Shomrim reports ‘skyrocketing’ anti-Semitic attacks in north London neighbourhood

13:43 , Barney Davis

Volunteer security force Shomrim have said they are dealing with a spike in hate crimes recorded in just a Jewish quarter of north London.

The force’s third party Hate Crime reporting service recorded 51 racist attacks last month.

It came after footage emerged of an Orthodox Jewish man being assaulted with a bottle.

He was then allegedly called a “motherf***ing Jew”, and threatened with being stabbed on Saturday at around 12.15am.

Gaza’s only cancer hospital closes after running out of fuel

13:15 , Barney Davis

The only cancer treatment hospital in the Gaza Strip has gone out of service after it ran out of fuel, health officials said on Wednesday.

In statements to Al-Aqsa TV, the director of the Turkish Friendship Hospital (TIKA) has announced that the facility has run out of fuel, leading to it “being completely out of service”.

Sobhi Skeik appealed to the world not to “leave cancer patients to certain death due to the hospital being out of service”.

The Palestinian health ministry also warned that Al-Shifa, the primary hospital in Gaza, has less than 24 hours of fuel remaining.

Rachel Riley deletes tweet mishearing Liverpool Street protesters calling for ceasefire now

13:14 , Barney Davis

Rachel Riley has deleted a tweet after mishearing pro-Palestinian protesters calling for a ceasefire at Liverpool Street station and mistakenly reporting they had called for “Jihad Now”.

The protest was organised by Jews Against Genocide and saw a sit-in at the transport hub last night.

Palestinian music and chants such as “ceasefire now” could be heard from the crowds.

But the Countdown star tweeted a video of the chant incorrectly claiming the crowd were calling for “Jihad now”.

She later clarified her comments on X but insisted she stood by the sentiment.

First group of foreign nationals leave Gaza but Brits, so far, ‘left behind'

12:36 , Barney Davis

The first group of foreign passport holders have been evacuated from the Gaza strip and have reached the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing, Reuters has reported.

One of the sources said that as of 12.10pm the evacuees were undergoing security checks on the Egyptian side of the border.

It came as a spokesman for Scotland’s first minister and SNP leader Humza Yousaf welcomed any opening of the Rafah border crossing– but said his in-laws remain trapped in Gaza without drinking water.

He said: “We welcome that the Rafah crossing looks set to be opened for a number of foreign nationals … our understanding at this stage is that UK nationals are not at present included in this initial list of countries whose nationals can cross.”

“The first minister’s wife, Nadia, spoke to her mother this morning. The family remains trapped in Gaza without clean drinking water, and rapidly diminishing supplies.”

First injured Gazans arrive in Egyptian hospitals

12:15 , Barney Davis

The first injured Gazans were evacuated to Egypt through the Rafah crossing on Wednesday under a deal brokered by Qatar and were being examined by medical teams who were directing them to hospitals, an Egyptian medical source said.

Egypt has prepared a field hospital in Sheikh Zuweid, 15 km (9 miles) from Rafah, and also plans to direct some patients to a permanent hospital there, to one in the nearby town of Al-Arish or further afield in the city of Ismailia, depending on the seriousness of their condition.


Nahed Abu Taeema, director of the Nasser Hospital in the Gaza Strip, told Reuters 19 critically injured patients from his hospital would be among the 81 being evacuated to Egypt.

“Those require advanced surgeries that can’t be done here because of the lack of capabilities, especially women and children,” said Abu Taeema.

Injured people from Gaza cross Rafah border to seek medical aid in Egypt

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Latest images emerging from the Rafah border crossing as injured people are allowed to enter Egypt.

The Rafah crossing is a critical passage, the sole point between Egypt and the Gaza strip, through which only a “handful of convoys” have been allowed to enter the besieged area with humanitarian aid, food and water.

Communication blackout impacting reports of second missile strike on refugee camp

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Gaza was plunged into another communications blackout Wednesday, with internet and phone service cut for several hours as Israeli troops battled Hamas militants. Communications began to be restored after Gaza’s second such blackout in recent days, but aid agencies warned that the disruptions severely hamper their work in an already dire situation.

It came as new strikes hit apartment blocks in the Jabaliya camp for a second day in a row Wednesday, according to the Hamas-run government, which said many were killed or wounded, though the toll was not immediately known.

Al Jazeera television, which is still reporting from northern Gaza, aired footage of the devastation and of several wounded people, including children, being brought to a nearby hospital.

Viewers squirm as Elon Musk makes cringe Hamas Hummus joke

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Elon Musk joined Joe Rogan for the fourth time on his podcast on Tuesday, talking all things X and monologing about a “zombie apocalypse.”

But when the conversation turned to the Israel-Hamas war, Mr Musk made an awkward joke that appeared to even make the controversial podcast host uncomfortable.

The pair were dressed up in Halloween costumes and smoking for the special episode. Mr Rogan donned a blond wig and a baseball jersey, while the business mogul wore a silk scarf and a jacket, describing himself as “half-dressed as the wizard of Australia”.

Amelia Neath reports:

Elon Musk stuns Joe Rogan with ‘hummus’ joke about Israel-Hamas war