Israel opens humanitarian corridor for 4 hours

Gaza Strip
Gaza Strip

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will open a corridor for the evacuation of Gaza's civilian residents for four hours on Nov. 5 to allow them to move south.

This announcement was made by Arabic-speaking IDF representative Avichay Adraee on Twitter. Adraee noted that the IDF would open Salah al-Din Street for southbound movement from 10:00 to 14:00 on Nov. 5.

"For your safety, take advantage of this time to relocate to the south beyond the Gaza Valley," Adraee said.

Hamas militants fired mortars and anti-tank projectiles at Israeli forces when they attempted to open the road on Nov. 4. Adraee stated that they did this "because they wanted the residents to stay there as a human shield for their leaders."

The IDF has previously accused Hamas of trying to hinder the evacuation of Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip, where most of the airstrikes have been concentrated.

Foreigners began to evacuate from the Gaza Strip through a border crossing with Egypt on Nov. 1. Approximately 500 people received permits to cross. Ukrainian civilians were not among them.

The IDF announced that they had completely encircled Gaza, which serves as the center of Hamas’s operations, on Nov 2. A ceasefire or a cessation of hostilities are not currently being discussed.

Israel launched an operation in the Gaza Strip in response to a brutal attack by militants on Israeli territory on Oct. 7 and the subsequent hostage-taking.

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