Israel Says It’s Shared All ‘Publishable’ Evidence of Hamas at Hospital

Israel Defense Forces/Handout via Reuters
Israel Defense Forces/Handout via Reuters

An Israeli military spokesperson told The Washington Post on Thursday that there is no more “publishable evidence” to release from Al-Shifa hospital—Gaza’s largest medical facility that Israeli officials claimed for weeks was home to a Hamas command center fitted with underground tunnels. No evidence of a headquarters or tunnels was shared by the Israeli military after it spent two days raiding the facility. The Israeli Defense Forces posted a video to their official social channels on Wednesday that showed small caches of AK-47 rifles and laptops inside the hospital, claiming they were left behind by Hamas. Civilian casualties around the hospital—and a lack of resources to treat those inside of it—have been a major talking point since the outbreak of war last month. The facility ran out of power and ceased to operate as a medical facility over the weekend, the United Nations reported, and it was evacuated entirely this week.

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