Issa Rae says pregnancy rumours 'got out of hand'

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Issa Rae spoke out to dismiss pregnancy reports this year because the gossip was "getting out of hand'".
The comedian posted a tweet denying reports which suggested she was having a baby and she's now revealed she issued the denial because the rumours were becoming so wide-spread even her own mother started to believe them.
Speaking in the 'Today' show's first digital cover series, the 37-year-old star explained she got a message from her sister who explained their mum asking whether the baby news was true. She said: "My sister sent me a screenshot of my mom texting her an article like, 'Did she tell you … Are the rumours true?'
"I was like, 'What?!' (My sister) was like, 'Not Mom believing in gossip!' I was like, 'But she texted you and she didn't even ask me!'"
Issa went on to reveal she had a chat with her mum and explained she would never keep a pregnancy secret from her.
She added: "I'm like, 'Mom, a pregnancy … you really think that I would hide a grandchild from you? That you've been begging for?!' So I had to say something, because it was getting out of hand."
Issa - who is known for keeping her personal life private - married her longtime boyfriend Louis Diame in the south of France in July 2021.
When the baby rumours emerged back in March, she took to Twitter to set the record straight. Issa wrote: "I am not pregnant, f-youverymuch. Let a b— eat and be merry."
The tweet has since been deleted.

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