#ItWasNeveraDress Debunks Every Female Toilet Stereotype

It was never a dress. Photo: Axosoft.
It was never a dress. Photo: Axosoft.

It’s the dress that keeps on giving.

Now, The Dress is being used to shake up the gender stereotypes found in bathrooms all over the globe.

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Usually, a male toilet is depicted with a stick figure, while the female restroom shows the stick figure with a dress on.

But US tech company Axosoft is debunking the notion that the woman is wearing a dress at all – instead it is a superhero cape.

Jamie Kruger posted a photo to twitter at the Girls in Tech conference in Arizona which highlighted thee difference between the two symbols.

Voila – the hashtag #ItWasNeverADress started to go viral.

Axosoft spokeswoman Tania Katan said: “This lady, well, we've been looking at her the wrong way. We're launching a campaign that shows you what's really on the other side. It was never a dress."

On the Axosoft website, there is a link to itwasneveradress.com.

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The website reads:
‘It Was Never a Dress is an invitation to shift perceptions and assumptions about women and the audacious, sensitive, and powerful gestures they make every single day. In science, technology, arts, mathematics, politics, houses of worship, on the streets, and in our homes, insightful women are often uninvited, overlooked, or just plain dismissed. Through storytelling, community building, innovation and creative disruptions, It Was Never a Dress will foster necessary conversations, vital voices, and images from around the world that honour ALL women. When we see women differently… we see the world differently! ‘

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We definitely like the idea of every woman being a superhero – we may even bust out a real cape to wear around the office!

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