Ivana Trump 'could have been saved' from death

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Ivana Trump "could have been saved" from death.
The model and businesswoman - who was best known for her former marriage to billionaire Donald Trump - was found dead at the bottom of her staircase on Thursday (14.07.22) at the age of 73 and now her friend Zach Erdem has described her as an "angel" who was "like a mother" to him.
Zach told PEOPLE: "She was always supporting charities and everything. She was like an angel. Whoever needed help, she would be there. She didn't care about any politics or religion or whatever, she was ready to help whoever needed it. I don't really usually get close to people, but when you find good people, you're always attracted to good people. And I always said she was kind of like a mother to me."
The restaurant owner - who had known Ivana for almost 20 years - went on to explain that she had a personal assistant and alleged that things could have been different if she had gone to Ivana's New York home earlier on the day of her death.
He added: "She's the only person who was with Ivana all the time. She was like kind of her assistant, her cleaner, her care, the lady was her everything. If she was home early, she could have saved her. That was another upsetting thing. If there was someone there she may not have died. She would be alive right now."
While it was initially thought that the businesswoman - who is survived by ex-husband Donald and their three children Ivanka, 40, Eric, 38, and Donald Jr.,44, - had suffered a fatal heart attack, it was announced on Friday (15.06.22) that she had in fact passed away after suffering “blunt impact injuries of passed away after suffering “blunt impact injuries of the torso".

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