Ivanka Trump Claims She Had A 'Punk Phase,' But Folks Online Aren't Buying It

Ivanka Trump claims she went through apunk phase in the 1990s, but folks online don’t believe it.

President Donald Trump’sdaughter and adviser made the comment in her mother Ivana Trump’s new book,Raising Trump. Ivanka also said she was “really into Nirvana” and cried “inconsolably” for 24 hours when the group’s frontman, Kurt Cobain, died in 1994.

In an excerpt, Ivanka recounted dying her hair blue and owning a wardrobe full of ripped corduroy jeans and flannel shirts.

After the news broke, tweeters imagined what Ivanka would have looked like as a punk. They also questioned her punk credentials and noted howNirvanawas actually considered more grunge:

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