I've been incredibly misunderstood, says Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen feels she's been "incredibly misunderstood".
The Hollywood star thinks the public have sometimes failed to recognise the distinction between her on-screen characters and real-life self.
She explained: "I feel incredibly misunderstood at times.
"It’s the dichotomy between the way I look and what is happening inside. But that comes with being in a Bond movie and playing this crazy assassin. All of my friends and family know that I’m goofy, and sensitive, and that I play these characters who are so different from that; other people probably think I’m just playing myself."
Famke has always made a concerted effort to keep her private life out of the spotlight.
The actress even admits that she doesn't "like people knowing anything about [her]".
She told The Independent: "I basically shun the press. I’m sure you Googled me to try and find some things, but I am super private and realised a long time ago that I don’t really like people knowing anything about me."
Famke played the part of Xenia Onatopp in 'GoldenEye', the 1995 James Bond movie.
And she admits that it marked a turning point in her career.
She shared: "It was just an onslaught of attention, good and bad and everything in between."
Famke subsequently made a decision to shun the cameras and "be less famous".
But she now accepts that her approach has, to some extent, diminished her potential star power.
The actress - who has also starred in the 'X-Men' film series - said: "I decided I’d rather be less famous and do things on my terms. That means I don’t make as much money as other people do. I don’t date famous people. I’m not on social media ... But fame comes at a price, and it wasn’t one that I was willing to pay."