'I've never felt so good': Kerry Katona starts therapy with transformational coach

Kerry Katona has started therapy after her anxiety was "triggered".
The former Atomic Kitten star - who has ADHD and has openly shared her battles with her mental health over the years, including feeling suicidal after going bankrupt - has revealed she's been working with a transformational coach, and he's so good, she joked she wants him to move in with her.
Writing in her new! magazine column, Kerry - who is engaged to fitness coach - Ryan Mahoney - said: "I feel like I've lost myself a little bit recently.
"My anxiety has been triggered, so I wanted to reach out to someone."
Kerry, 41, had stopped following her self-care routine, but her coach is helping her get back on track.
She said: "When I was living down south, I was journalling, doing meditation and yoga.
"But since I've moved up north, I've stopped and I don't know why.
"My friend Joanna Scott-Aspray runs The Cheshire Club and has introduced me to this guy called Marcus Matthews.
"I had a chat with him this week for two hours and I've never felt so good after speaking to someone."
So far, she's had a two-hour session, during which, he suggested using "different words" in conversation.
Overall, Kerry wants to see herself settle back into a routine and "make better" life choices.
The mother-of-five - who has Molly, 20, Lilly-Sue, 19, Heidi, 15, Max, 14, and eight-year-old Dylan-Jorge from previous relationships - went on: "I've started therapy - I believe that everyone should experience therapy at some point.
"Marcus has given me some advice, which includes trying to use different words when I speak to people.
"He was absolutely brilliant.
"I want this guy to move in with me!
"Marcus is going to help me get myself back into a routine and make better choices in life."