A.J. Brown

Fearless Forecast: 1055 TOTAL YDS, 69 REC, 7 TD
Projected Rank: 16

Video transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I would love AJ Brown in my real life team. I'm scared to draft him in Fantasy. I hate saying that but if he goes to a new team in Philly-- I'm not sure if Jalen Hurts is a great downfield passer. There's competition for the ball here. DeVonta Smith, deep threat. Dallas Goedert, star tight end. They have deep running back room as well. And of course, Hurst is going to run in a bunch of touchdowns and a handful of the rushing yards. That doesn't help any of his receivers.

And Brown was never a target hog in Tennessee. I always thought that was a black mark for the coaching staff and maybe on Ryan Tannehill. But I can't see this Eagles offense being that proactive throwing the ball because they have so many different pieces. And they're going to run the ball a lot. Hurts is going to run a lot.

So AJ Brown only wide receiver, 16 on my board again. I think he's capable of being a top 5 receiver in the real-life NFL. I don't think he's going to get enough volume to justify his AVP this summer. Be careful with AJ Brown.

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