Jack Tweed can't 'move on' from Jade Goody

Jack Tweed still can't "move on" from Jade Goody.

The 32-year-old star married the 'Big Brother' star just a month before her death from cervical cancer in 2009 and though he dated Chanelle Hayes for three years until 2013, he hasn't had a serious relationship since.

He told Closer magazine: "Every time I meet someone new, I tell myself they won't compare to Jade and how well we got on.

"So instead, I end up holding myself back and I start ignoring anyone who I get a little close with. I need to get my head together before I move on.

"It wouldn't be fair on that person until I'm ready. Maybe one day I will move on. But it has to be when the time is right, and at the moment, it still isn't."

Sunday (22.03.20) marks the 11th anniversary of Jade's death and Jack will take the time to remember his late wife - though he still finds it too "painful" to watch their wedding video.

He said: "Each year I try to bring myself to watch our wedding video but it's always too painful. Eleven years on and I've still not watched it back as it will upset me too much.

"Instead, I sit down with a photo of us on our wedding day and think about the times Jade and I enjoyed together.

"One of our wedding presents was a lovely candle in a wooden box, which I got engraved. Each year on her anniversary, I light it for a short while."

Meanwhile, Jack is pleased to have rekindled contact with Jade's sons Bobby, 16, and 15-year-old Freddy, after previously being banned from seeing them by their dad Jeff Brazier, and he thinks their mother would be very proud of the teenagers.

He revealed: "I have seen the boys and I speak to them. On one occasion, Jeff came with them and we had a family lunch together, which was really nice.

"Bobby and Freddie have grown into such lovely and polite young men. Jade would be so proud of them and Jeff has done such a good job bringing them up."