Jack Vidgen opens up about being 'traumatised' by the music industry

The singer won Australia's Got Talent at just 14 years of age.

Reality TV star and singer Jack Vidgen has opened up about plans to get back into his singing career after dealing with burnout.

Jack first made his way onto our TV screens in 2011, winning the fifth season of Australia's Got Talent at just 14 years of age.

In a recent Instagram Q&A though, the star revealed that kickstarting his career so young and being part of the music industry has 'traumatised' him.

“I’m kind of traumatised by the industry and really lost my love for it all again,” he said. “It’s slowly coming back though."

Jack's music return in 2024: 'Exciting'

Jack Vidgen. Photo:
Jack Vidgen. Photo:

Jack revealed however he had booked some exciting shows for 2024.

“I’ve booked some exciting gigs/shows for next year that I’m looking forward to working on," he said.

The singer previously told Who magazine that he fell out of love with singing, citing burnout as a reason.

"I stopped singing five years ago," he said in the 2019 interview. “I think I just burnt out."


12 years after his win, Jack, 26, has said he has plans to also move into voice coaching as a way to mentor other young singers.

The singer has also been open about his issues with alcohol abuse over the years, checking into a rehab facility in 2020. At one point he said he 'essentially overdosed' and then stayed sober for six months.

“I’ve never been an alcoholic, but it always starts (with alcohol) for me, and it doesn’t end there," he said.

The star recently spent a month offline to take care of his well-being, telling his followers in late September that he was ready to reconnect again after going on a mental health hiatus.

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