Jack Whitehall wants to discuss relationship in new comedy show

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Jack Whitehall is planning to discuss his relationship in his new stand-up show.
The 33-year-old comedian has been dating model Roxy Horner since early last year and revealed he will explore their romance when he hits the road again for a comedy tour.
He told the 'Irishman Abroad' podcast: “Since my last tour I’ve been in a long-term relationship and that’s something I feel I’ll be interested in talking about maybe on stage.
"I’ve now got a dog and I’m spending more time travelling on my own and that always throws up situations and experiences and people you want to talk about."
Jack previously revealed he moved in with Roxy after just two weeks of dating.
He explained: "Weirdly that was quite nice because we spent a lot of time together and it accelerates the relationship in a way. Then when lockdown ended, there’s a lot of things we discovered. We’d never gone out to see a film together.
"We’d never been to a restaurant in England because we met in Australia."
Meanwhile, Jack recently revealed his mother is so desperate for him to have kids that she buys him baby clothes for Christmas.
Jack admitted his mum Hilary Gish has been piling on the pressure for him to start a family, thanks to the "passive-aggressive" gifts she likes to buy for him which offer hints as to what she wants him to do with his life.
Writing in his new book 'How To Survive Family Holidays', Jack admitted: “The only presents I get from my mother now are passive-aggressive ones: Deodorant, a net to catch my beard trimmings in, a babygrow. ‘Mummy, I don’t have a child. Don’t remind me’.
“I don’t know how she thinks the reproductive urge works, like I’ll think, ‘Oh, I seem to have acquired a lot of baby clothes. Maybe I should get a baby to go with them’.
"Instead of a babygrow, she’d be better off gifting me a broody woman with low standards.”

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