Jackass star Brandon Novak 'praying' for Bam Margera

'Jackass' star Brandon Novak is "praying" for his co-star Bam Margera as the prankster deals with addiction issues.
Brandon has been friends with Bam since they were kids and he went through his own battle with substance abuse and previously credited his pal with helping him get sober and turn his life around - and now Brandon is hoping Bam will also be able to bounce back from his current troubles.
Speaking to New York Post column PageSix at the Rock to Recovery concert event in Los Angeles on Saturday (26.08.23) night, Brandon said of his friend: "I’m praying for him. He is a sick man as I once was, so I understand where he’s at, and I just hope he finds the willingness somewhere in his journey to buy into suggestions that can maybe make his life better."
Brandon - who opened his own rehab centre in Delaware after getting sober - admitted he's not currently in touch with his childhood friend, but he insists he will be there for Bam whenever he needs help.
He added: "We’re not speaking at the moment. He’s kind of in a different place than I am. I’m just waiting for him to become ready and willing, and we’ll be there. And until then, we just kind of live two different lives at the moment."
Bam, 43, is currently having to wear an alcohol-detecting anklet as part of his bail conditions after being arrested over a row with a woman outside a hotel in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania in the early hours of August 9.
As well as wearing the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device for a minimum of 30 days, he also has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly and agree to and complete the suggested outpatient treatment.
Bam is also facing further legal issues stemming from an alleged assault on his brother Jesse back in April while the star's wife Nicole Boyd has also filed for a legal separation.